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Feng Shui Buildings from around the World

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Burj Al Arab - The Arabian Tower, Dubai, U.A.E

Unique 7 Star hotel, built on its own island in the shape of a sail from a luxury yacht. An interesting example of wind and water! In Feng Shui terms this is a wood type building, which means that it will get a lot of support from its environment.

Architect W.S. Atkins UK

City Hall - London
City Hall, London, UK

The unique shape is due to solar heating which allow it to use use just 25 per cent of the energy used by conventional buildings. From a strictly Form School perspective, the flowing design is ideally placed in a river type setting.

That said, it is not the greatest design for the Lord Mayor of London. The building looks like a pile of coins that are about to topple over! What effect will this have on the banking district directly across the River Thames?

In Feng Shui terms this is a metal building, in its position the building will support the locale. Good for a municipal building.

Architect Foster & Partners

British Airways HQ
British Airways HQ UK

BA's new HQ was developed to create a village type community to improve staff morale and efficiency. It has a unique street atmosphere with shops, banking facilities, a library, a fitness club, cafes, restaurants, and quiet work and meeting spaces. The development is surrounded by a 280-acre park with three small rivers running through the site.

Feng Shui comment, the floorplan of the building appears to be half an airplane, is this why they have down sized since moving there? Due to its angular forms this is also a fire building. Although from the picture it looks more like an earth type building.

Architect Niels Torp with RHWL

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The Kindom Centre RIYADH
The Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Winner of the "Best New Skyscraper of the Year" for design and functionality 2002. Based on historic geomantic principles. This is a metal type building, in a fire and earth type zone. It will be well used by all.

Architect Ellerbe Becket

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House, Australia

Begun 1957 by Architect John Utzon and completed August 1973 under the direction of Sir Peter Hall. This is surely an architectural landmark of the 20th century.

Because of its angular designs, in Feng Shui terms this is classified as a fire type building, perfect for housing the arts. However, in its watery environment there may be many disagreement, particularly amongst staff.

Architect John Utzon

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Kansai Airport Terminal, Osaka, Japan

Built on a man made island, this soaring wing like passenger terminal stretches a mile in two parts and due to settlement the whole thing sits on hydraulic jacks. Wide atriums reach up over 60 meters (200 feet) to the curving ceiling, where colourful mobiles float on a gentle breeze.

This water type building in a water environment is perfect for travel and communication.

Architect Renzo Piano

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