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Feng Shui Institute Code of Ethics

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Applies to Feng Shui Professionals Registered on the List of Certified Practitioners with the Feng Shui Institute


The Feng Shui Institute (hereafter referred to as the Institute) is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the promotion of True Feng Shui. The Institute is responsible for the regulation of the educational standards, skill, ability and ethics of its certified professionals and teachers of Feng Shui. The intention of the Institute is to formulate a list of certified Feng Shui practitioners, consultants and schools, which can be made available to the general public. Registration on this list is considered an endorsement from the Institute as to the standard of education, skill and ability of the practitioner who has agreed to follow this 'Code of Ethics'. The 'Code of Ethics' provides a common set of ethical guidelines and an acceptable code of conduct for Certified Professionals in Feng Shui.

Professional Conduct

Practitioners who are registered on the Institute's List of Practitioners and Consultants are not considered to be an official spokesperson for the Institute, nor can they act on behalf of the Institute without prior consent. The Feng Shui Practitioner is expected to continue to expand their Feng Shui knowledge and training as a part of their professional development. The Practitioner will seek to further and support the professional development of Feng Shui. The Practitioner will not defame other Institute members.

Duty of Care

  • The Practitioner will act with integrity, honesty and professionalism at all times throughout their consultations.

  • The Practitioner will take responsibility for ensuring that the client fully understands the nature and implications of their Feng Shui consultation.
  • The Practitioner will treat all client details with confidentiality and not disclose confidential information without prior consent of the client.

  • The Practitioner will know the potential power of Feng Shui and use this with respect for their client.

  • The Practitioner will not exploit this power or position of trust with their client.

  • The Practitioner will know their limitations and shall not provide advice beyond their level of capability.

  • When appropriate, a consultant may recommend referral to another, more suitably qualified professional.

  • The Practitioner should possess appropriate insurance covering public and employee liability, malpractice and professional indemnity.

  • The Practitioner will keep clear and accurate records of all consultations. In the event of complaint, the Institute may require access to these records.

  • The Practitioner will not carry out any other disciplines, therapies or practices during a Feng Shui consultation, unless entitled to by training, qualifications and insurance. There must be agreement to this from the client beforehand.

  • The Practitioner is encouraged to join the professional bodies of any other disciplines they may practice.

Disciplinary Procedure

Professional members of the Institute are subject to the disciplinary procedures of the Institute. In the event of a complaint being referred to the Institute regarding inappropriate professional conduct on the part of a registered practitioner, the Institute reserves the right to investigate the complaint. The complaint will be dealt with thoroughly and impartially. If the Institute finds against the practitioner, the Institute reserves the right to suspend the practitioner for a specified time or expel the practitioner from the Institute.


  • Feng Shui in this context refers specifically to the ancient art of harmonising an environment.

  • Practitioner means anyone named on the Institute's register of practitioners and consultants.

  • Client means the person or corporate body with whom the practitioner has made an agreement for the provision of services.

Professional Membership

Professional Feng Shui practitioners can register and be listed in our directory and this costs just GB £36 p.a. (US$ 60.00) and represents outstanding value for money. You can also become accredited and recommended through our Feng Shui accreditation process.

Accreditation for "True" Feng Shui practitioners and Feng Shui Schools is available upon verification of training, passing our exam and agreeing to our Code of Ethics. Once approved, you will receive full international accreditation from the Feng Shui Institute, a listing in our Professional Feng Shui Accredited Directory and become eligible through further training to become a Feng Shui consultant and/or Fellow of the Feng Shui Institute.

Professional Indemnity Insurance From Holistic Insurance Services Ltd,

The Feng Shui Institute have negotiated a special insurance package for our members and graduates. Just enter your email address below to receive full details.

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