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Feng Shui Consultant Directory

Need a Feng Shui consultation? The Feng Shui Fellows, Consultants and Practitioners listed here can help. All have completed the Feng Shui Institute registration and have agreed and signed our code of ethics. They are fully insured and also carry Public Indemnity Insurance. Each person has also completed the Feng Shui Institute examination and is highly recommended by the Feng Shui Institute.

Feng Shui Fellowships

Feng Shui Institute Fellowships are granted to those consultants who have made an outstanding contribution towards Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, in the form of teaching, research and continued outstanding results from their Feng Shui consultations.
The term Fellow of the Feng Shui Institute or Fellow FSI equates to a Master of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Consultants

Feng Shui Consultants are entitled to use the letters RCFSI Recommended Consultant Feng Shui Institute. As with our Fellows they would have passed the FSI examination, agreed to our code of ethics, be fully insured and have public indemnity insurance. They would also have submitted a letter of intent and at least three consultation reports for verification by the Feng Shui Institute.

Feng Shui Masters

Alan Stirling Fellow FSI
Feng Shui that Works!

Email alan888@btinternet.com
Website www.fengshuithatworks.co.uk

Consultation and teaching area: Worldwide
Tel: Office 01634 739198
Mobile 07725 699278

feng shui master

Recommended Feng Shui Consultants

Alison Skelton RCFSI
Feng Shui Works
Email enquiries@fengshuiworks.co.uk
Consultation area: UK

Michelle Young RCFSI
Email: mil33@btinternet.com
Consultation area: Essex, UK


Terase Wilcox RCFSI
At Home With Feng Shui
Email: terase@athomewithfengshui.co.uk
Consultation area: London, UK


Tim Clark RCFSI
Email: ocelot@mail.com
Consultation area: Hampshire, UK



Karen Chappell RCFSI
Traditional Feng Shui
E-mail: traditional_fengshui@hotmail.com
Consultation area: London and the South East region, UK

Jinpa Smith RCFSI
Jinpa Smith Feng Shui Consultancy

E-mail: info@jinpasmith.co.uk
Consultation area: Sussex, SE England and London, UK

Georgina Taylor-Colville RCFSI
Successful Feng Shui
Email fengshuisuccess@btinternet.com
Consultation area: Surrey, South East and East Anglia, UK
Tel 07950 231433 or 01883 337755


Bea Higham RCFSI
Email: bea@stylemonkey.co.uk
Consultation area: London, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex, UK
Tel 07881 628099


Deena Patel RCFSI
Email: deena@f2s.com
Tel 07732 098238

Consultation area: London Surrey and West Sussex, UK

Sue Avery RCFSI
Email: thefengshuiway@btinternet.com
Tel 07948 737370
Consultation area: Southeast Kent
, UK

Shanaz Parveen RCFSI
Tel 07749 512378
Consultation area: London and 30 mile radius of London, UK

Mandy Sewell RCFSI
Tel: 07825 518985
Consultation area: Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire, UK

Francesco Motta RCFSI
Email francesco.motta@virgin.net
Consultation area: London and 30 mile radius of London, UK

Michelle Grundy-Wakelin RCFSI
Email info@ki-solutions.co.uk
Consultation area: UK

Gabriela Galbenus RCFSI
Email thelondonfengshui@gmail.com
Consultation area: London and 30 mile radius of London, UK


Susan Macdonald RCFSI
Email fengshuiheals@hotmail.com
Consultation area: UK

Kurly Marwaha RCFSI
Tel: 07958 515205
Email: kurly_marwaha@yahoo.co.uk
Consultation area: UK, Europe, USA and Canada
Paulina Gawdzik RCFSI
Tel: 07595 678434
Email: unityfengshui@gmail.com
Consultation area: London, UK
Tram A Nguyen RCFSI
Tel: 07890 319814
Email: ta@anqifengshui.com
Consultation area: London, UK, Paris and the Ile-de-France region (France)

Barbara Tanski RCFSI
Tel: 07769 338228
Email: info@completelyfengshui.com
Consultation area: London and South

Feng Shui Practitioner

Feng Shui Practitioners would have recently completed their course work scoring at least 64% in their Feng Shui Institute exam. Specialising in certain areas such as Geo, Business, Astrology or Diviner. Most are continuing their Feng Shui education and are on their way to becoming a Feng Shui Consultant. They are entitled to be called a Recommended Feng Shui Practitioner RPFSI.

Shelley Ganderton
Email shelleygbeach@lycos.com
Consultation area: Kent


International Representatives


Eric Gille
Web site www.astroazur.com
E-mail ergille@yahoo.fr

Tram A Nguyen RCFSI
Tel: 07890 319814
Email: ta@anqifengshui.com
Consultation area: Paris and the Ile-de-France region (France)


Irene Delikoura RCFSI
email: idelikoura@gmail.com
Tel: +30 210 6136898
Mobile: +30 6944 556819
consultation area: Greece
website: www.fengshui-ways.gr

Irene Delikoura


Ilkka Karhu RCFSI
Perfect Balance
Email karhu@mailpanda.com

feng shui consultant


Rob Brown RCFSI
Enhance Solutions
EMail chibrown@hotmail.com
Brisbane 38478731 Mobile 0412814166
Location - Brisbane (Australia)



Suzana Mendes
+351 918 789 177

United States of America

Mary Jane Kasliner, AAS, BS, ACFSI, RYT   
EMail consult@5elementdesigns.com   
Phone: 732-695-2575 

Consulting areas: USA ~ With focus Northeast & Southeast

Mary Jane Kasliner ACFSI
To apply for registration with the Feng Shui Institute as a feng shui master, consultant or practitioner, please Email your details, including your address and a daytime contact telephone number.

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