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Why wind and water?

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The natural forces of wind and water consist of chemical compounds. Whenever these elements meet, they react and change form, releasing energy into the environment. The scientific definition of energy is "a physical property possessed by an object and is a measure of the capability to make things happen. In order for things to happen, some of the energy in the object must be transferred to some other object". Power is the rate at which this transfer takes place. Wind and water is one of the greatest examples of this process.

Let's explain this further by looking at the process of Respiration. This is where food that you eat reacts with the oxygen (wind) that you inhale to form carbon dioxide and water. These two compounds then release energy, which is used to power or metabolise your body and sustain your life. So you are actually living proof of the power of wind and water or as the Chinese call it, Feng Shui. This is a useful example of how wind and water produces energy- and transfer power. The same thing happens in your home. You have both wind and water, creating energy, but where is the energy, the ability to make things happen being transferred to? If it is not to you or your home, then a Feng Shui consultation can help you by redirecting this power to make better things happen in your life. Just see our Directory for a local specialist.

CellScientific proof of Feng Shui

The business of science is to understand the natural laws present in our universe. From our research, experiments and observations, we are able to finally prove that Feng Shui works. This is a major first within the world Feng Shui community.

As with all natural laws, the laws with the simplest explanations have the most profound effects. A cell is scientifically regarded as the smallest unit of life is. Cells respond to changes in their local environment to live, grow, reproduce and die. Because humans are composed of trillions of cells, we also respond to changes in our local environment. Relatively recently, we have gained understanding of a master cell known as a Stem cell. This cell has the ability to analyse a particular environment and produce any necessary cells or cures needed to balance. Scientists are now using this knowledge to treat disease. This new research was reported in the press under the heading of Miracle Cures!

This process is exactly what a True Feng Shui consultant does during a consultation. By analysing both the occupants and the environmental energy for compatibility then suggesting relevant, simple cures to achieve harmony and balance. This can then provide the power to make better things happen in any area of your life.

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