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Feng shui wind and water What is True Feng Shui?

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True Feng Shui is not based on religion or superstition. It is a natural science that has been tried, tested and practiced for many thousands of years. Ecology is probably the closest western equivalent to Feng Shui, but, whereas ecology studies animals and plants, Feng Shui deals with all matter, including buildings and people.

Feng Shui is the study of how energy flows between nature and people and vice versa. This natural flow governs the way we grow, evolve and feel. As all energy is in a state of change this interaction affects us, sometimes for the better, sometimes not so. It therefore directly affects our quality of life.

By understanding this process, we can keep the positive benefits whilst removing the negative effects. As a result we become less stressed and our energy can then be used to make better things happen in our lives. This is the real definition of "going with the flow" or harmony and balance, the essence of true Feng Shui.

Why do we need True Feng Shui today?

The origins of Feng Shui were not limited to the Chinese, most ancient civilisations used a form of Feng Shui. It is popular today because in our fast paced society, we have moved further away from living in a natural way. We sense as a species that there is something missing in our lives, but cannot quite say what it is, so we keep searching for that elusive "something". A major Feng Shui principle is yin and yang or natural balance. This shows us that when something is too extreme, it alternates to its opposite state. Today's lifestyles are too extreme, we have forgotten the significance of our natural environment. As a consequence, we suffer from more stress and anxiety than ever before. Through technology we now construct items that have in built stress. We can absorb thisLaughing stress as easily as laughter when we see or hear something funny don't we?

However, with the power that True Feng Shui gives us, we can remove this stress and live a better balanced and happier life. To benefit from this knowledge, read our 5 elements web page, or if you would like to alleviate stress in your own home or business, take one of our key concepts courses or have a professional Consultation


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