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2013 Year of the Water Snake Chinese Astrology Annual Predictions

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Year of the SnakeSo what does 2013 hold for us? Overall the Water Snake year denotes further crushing and austerity, but it will allow us to provide a workable strategy that will create hope for all. Reassuringly, the next couple of years are much better and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

As fire is the element of Snake, this brightness may even arrive as early as the second half of the solar year; from August to February 2013. However, prior to that we may see the weakening of governments as their citizens react forcibly to austerity measurements. Is this the end of the Eurozone in its present form?

Mixing water and fire elements together are said to create an alchemical reaction and we can expect important scientific developments within physics and chemistry. I hope the latter will be beneficial to nature and not just a means of dealing with the pressures of a restrictive society. Finding that which was lost is a prominent theme and we may well find additional elements to develop the periodic table.

Reducing Water Snake to its basic elements, we will also see developments in communications, particularly those of an unobtrusive or secretive nature. Finance as you would expect will be under considerable pressure and pre-existing structures will need to become transparent to survive. Restructuring due to sexual scandal may also be necessary as secrets are brought to light.

America will probably undergo the biggest transformation or structural reform and may see its security procedures severely tested. However, being built on spiritual wisdom, it will prevail and all can benefit. Conversely, India will continue to quite literally develop its power base, starting with electricity and continuing with oil or chemical reactions and will seriously increase its finances and prominence on the world stage as a result.

Weather-wise, with fire and water being extremes, we can expect our weather patterns to follow suit. This particular type of water refers to ground water and being in conflict with fire or heat may affect root structures of essential crops. Consequently, food shortages and inflation will take its toll. Alternatively, stagnancy of water or an outbreak of water borne diseases may occur. Meanwhile, the issue of steam and pressure within the crust may result in volcanic activity. Strong winds occurring as a result of evaporation will be prominent too.

On a personal note and contrary to popular belief, we all have up to four animals in our Chinese astrology chart. In addition to our year zodiac sign, we also have a Chinese animal for our month and the time we were born. To find out your four Chinese astrology animals, see Free Four Pillars of Destiny chart. Consequently, those born under the sign of the Snake, (May 5th to June 4th and between 9am and 11am) will be prominent next year, gaining recognition and reward for their hard work. Females with this sign can also see their relationships flourish leading to deeper understanding and commitment.

Snake signs are compatible with Rooster and Ox and can enjoy creative and wealth opportunities respectively. Whilst those born under the Pig have an opportunity to re-evaluate most aspects of their life, by replacing outdated ideas with new ones and taking firm control instead of being laid back. Business wise they can either increase the magnitude and scope of their dealings, or leave for pastures new. Rabbits and Goats / Sheep both being affiliated to the Pig sign, may also experience this influence, albeit to a lesser extent.

Horse signs, although prominent, may need to rethink their plans but should thrive in competitive situations. Should they find themselves under pressure, taking a walk through a woodland environment and planning for every eventuality will help.

Dog will recover well from last year’s clash with the Dragon and both signs have a vibrant 2013 with many wealth opportunities ahead. The Rat can be truly inspired by new depths of understanding and personal growth and may well develop a new circle of friends as a result.

Tiger signs seem to have the best of both worlds by being vibrant and highly creative, perhaps with spectacular success by putting new ideas into action. Its arch enemy the Monkey is highly influenced by the Snake and will enjoy power and recognition, especially from overseas or by travelling.

By Alan Stirling
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