Chinese Astrology Annual Predictions

What does 2015 Year of the Wood Goat have in store?

You might well think that the Wood Goat is a particularly type of Chinese animal sign or a constellation in the Chinese zodiac, when in fact, it actually signifies two distinct type of energies.

In Chinese astrology our annual predictions are based on the relationship between these energies, one signifies the energy coming to our planet, whilst the other represents that leaving it. We all know these dynamics as the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and with life or “man” sandwiched between these extremes, we like to know how both ends react with each other and consequently what “life as we know it” has in store for us.  

Last year both ends were in harmony or supported each other and the green shoots of recovery and a return to prosperity were prevalent. This year, I am sorry to report that they are not… instead they signify restriction and control. However, there is an underlying theme of proper and correct management, this  “saving grace” makes it a much better year than the difficulties experienced in 2012/13,

In most respects, growth will be hard to see, but our drive and determination over the next few years will guide us to do what is right for us; and the planet.  This will lead to long term success and abundance; and the quicker we can begin this process the better this year will be.

We have just seen the beginnings of this in Greece and the policies of their government will become even more prominent this year. We will also see other countries in the Mediterranean, perhaps following suit, as will the Gulf States and even as far afield as Australasia and New Zealand in particular.  

Weather-wise, the strong winds will continue but instead of sunshine, it will probably be overcast with extra cloud cover following last year’s record heat. It will be humid though, and probably with some monumental storms.

Music wise, expect new vocalists with outstanding or unusual voices continue to take the world stage. Meanwhile, biofuels may compete with food stuffs as farmers change their preferences. Sweet and Sour flavours will be a popular food trend, as will astringent vegetables.

Industry wise, building, construction, charities, marketing and legal services should fare well, and in the latter half of the year, land and property development, humanities, food and agriculture, should flourish. There will probably be some quantum leaps made in medicine, health care and welfare.

For those who want to know what the Chinese New Year holds for them personally… please read on.

Personal Predictions

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually four animals in a Chinese astrology chart, not just one for your year of birth. In addition to our year zodiac sign, we all have Chinese animal signs for our day, month and time we were born. If this is news to you, you can get a free Chinese astrology chart called the Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, then return to this page to see how your four Chinese animal signs will fare this year.

Do you have a Wood Goat in your Chinese horoscope?

If you have a Wood Goat in your Chinese horoscope it denotes wealth and management opportunities. Under the right conditions it could even indicate outstanding prosperity or when unfavourable, great constriction. In any case, it should indicate good quality of life and an honourable person, dedicated to helping others.

Wood Goats have a tendency to keep their emotions bottled up which may affect personal expression and creativity. Stomach issues may also cause health problems. However, all can be balanced by the incorporation of metal and water elements in your life.

As luck would have it, this year there is an underlying metal influence, so they only need the water element to flourish, see our Five Elements page for to apply these influence in your life.
One aspect of the water element signifies communication, so you can either contact us or one of our feng shui consultants for professional advice.

Celebrity Wood Sheep/Goat

Benedict CumberbatchWoody Harrelson50 Cent

Alternatively, you can reach out and tell some of the celebrated Wood Goats such as Carl Lewis, Brad Pitt (day), 50 Cent, Rowan Atkinson, Chow Yun-Fat, Kevin Costner, Benedict Cumberbatch, Willem Dafoe, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Woody Harrelson, Lindsay Lohan, Nicolas Sarkozy, Maria Shriver, Jimmy Smits, Eddie Van Halen, Forest Whitaker and Bruce Willis that they could all benefit by applying the water element in their lives.

Goat, Pig and Rabbit animal signs

As you might expect in a Goat year, those who also have any Goat or Sheep sign will be very prominent and popular, which is just as well as it provides a useful outlet for their excess energy during this period. They have great determination and drive and this creates opportunities for them to realise or complete their ambitions. They should think big and aim for the stars!
All being part of the same Chinese zodiac group the Goat naturally supports both the Pig and Rabbit to provide power, recognition and increased status for the former, and wealth and prosperity for the latter.

Tiger, Horse and Dog Signs

The next Chinese zodiac group comprises the Tiger who if they can avoid getting too bogged down in issues, should have quite a prosperous year with many financial opportunities. Male tigers may also find a “mate”.

Horse signs could travel a lot, move home, pass exams or be able to develop their artistic talents. Whilst Dog signs will progress by going back to their roots, so what might appear to be a backward step, could prove to be the secret of future success.  Enjoy the “now” and follow your instincts—it could be the best thing you have ever done.

Rat, Monkey and Dragon Signs

Conversely to our Dog signs, Dragons can’t help themselves but move forward this year. They should see all of their plans come to fruition as this can lead to opportunities for recognition, wealth and a better status overall.

Monkey signs should feel vibrant and full of energy. They can move forward but progress comes from advice from others. They can also be quite wealthy and able to find a “mate” this year too.  
Rat signs seem to have an added attraction or magnetism this year which makes them stand out in the crowd and enhances their leadership qualities. They too, can increase their status and should be recognised for their adaptability and communication skills. Single females, could find their ideal husband during this year.

Snake, Rooster and Ox

The final group of Snake, Rooster and Ox is the one that is diametrically opposed the host group of Pig, Rabbit and Goat and although clashed, they have the greatest opportunity to correct parts of their lives that need changing.

The Ox signs will experience the most change and the areas of their life most affected depends on where this sign is found within their horoscope. As this form of astrology is incredibly accurate with almost 13 million variations its impossible to give specific advice without seeing your whole chart. However, we would like to help you and provide as much information as we can, free of charge. You will find this information with the Four Pillars of Destiny and follow the free advice found throughout this site. Alternatively, order a professional feng shui consultation from our consultant’s directory.

The only problem Roosters seem to have at this time is getting the correct advice as there is a tendency for “lip service”. Following their instincts will easily see them through this period though.
If Snake signs suffer from lack of confidence, self-esteem issues or confusion the fire element will help them. They might also find it useful to make important decisions during Horse periods, which occur daily between 11am--1pm (local time). There are also days, months and even years as 2014 attests, but you will need to track these through our free Chinese horoscopes and the free formation found on this site.  

Alan Stirling
Feng Shui Master

We hope you have enjoyed our Chinese New Year predictions. To receive your own professionally read Chinese astrology chart, please visit Professional Chinese Astrology Reading

At long last I am able to sit down and write to you to tell you how impressed I am with the chart. I must say that your analysis was so accurate, it was simply amazing".K Kulesza-Turlo, UK