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Chinese astrology Year of the Rabbit 2024

Chinese Zodiac Personal Predictions 2024

The Year of the Wood Dragon

There are actually four animals in a Chinese astrology chart, not just one for your year of birth. We also have Chinese animal zodiac signs for our day, month, and the time of birth. Get your Free Chinese Astrology Chart, then see how your four Chinese animal signs will fare this year.

Do you have a Wood Dragon in your Chinese horoscope?

IIf you have a Wood Dragon in your Chinese horoscope, particularly as your day of birth; where it denotes controlling your emotions and keeping things very close to your chest. Nevertheless, your private life and relationships should be both vibrant and successful, especially so, during February, March and the Summer months. If you find that this is not the case, Feng Shui can help you to better incorporate this balancing influence into your life. However, if you find these times are a highpoint of your year, then contact us for a consultation and we should be able to ensure that you have this feeling continuously.
if you were born in a year ending in 4, such as 1984, then you will have Yang Wood in your Chinese horoscope, and if born between 5th April to 5th May, you will have a Dragon too. Conversely if you have a 0 as you last birth year number e.g. 2000, then you have a clash which means you will find opportunities for big changes this year, you should also be very lucky financially, although you will probably spend it as soon as you receive it.
 Now that you have this information, let us see what the natural trends and tendencies for 2024, based on these Chinese Animal zodiac signs.

Being a Dragon year, if you were born under the Wood Dragon influence such as Matt Dillon, Juliette Binoche, Russell Crowe , Lenny Kravitz , Sandra Bullock, Clive Owen, Joss Stone, Tom Clancy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Rogan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jennifer Garner, Maria Sharapova and Kirsten Dunst, then you may be occupied by your home and local environment this year. It could be a very prosperous period, as well as a highly creative period, particularly if you make things that you can sell. Otherwise, you can just relax and leave things to chance, as long as you respond when opportunities arise.

Rat and Pig

These signs should have a lot of creative expression and new ideas this year, which is useful as there may be unexpected bumps in the road ahead. However, as a water element sign, you can adapt to any situation that you come across. Moreover, you have a sense of freedom and positivity that will lift you out of any gloom and point the way forward. It is a very powerful year for you and you should receive praise, respect and perhaps a promotion? Rats are particularly favoured as they belong to the same group as Dragon, we should all expect them to be highly prominent in 2024.  

Tiger And Rabbit

You will have a lot of energy throughout this period and if you have a problem sleeping, try warm coloured bedding, particularly a pillowcase. Tigers get a chance to manifest their dreams and there is no time like the present for realising your ambitions, just do something to bring them closer NOW! Rabbits will learn something new or adapt to rapidly changing circumstances in their lives, they will be able to rise to challenges and have excellent wealth opportunities as a result. If you have both a Tiger and Dragon in your chart these will align with 2024’s Dragon to potentially increase their results ten-fold.

Further Dragon news

Wherever the Dragon is found within your chart this aspect of your life will become the most prominent and you will certainly stand out in either society, business, family, private life and/or amongst friends and siblings. Being under the spotlight, your contribution to that aspect of your life will be noted and rewarded accordingly. As a male you have an opportunity to have; or enlarge your family, whilst as a female you could get married or gain a new partner.

Sheep, Ox and Dog Signs

These are very empowering signs this year and although the Dog sign clashes with this year’s Dragon, they have the biggest opportunity for change. However, this is a decisive year involving commitment, being a period of either investing more time, effort and resources into a particular venture, project or vocation, alternatively, giving up completely and doing something else!  You have a degree of protection, potentially almost as if a guardian angel is looking out for you this year, so don’t be afraid to take risks, especially when you have a gut feeling about something.

Sheep and Ox signs should find it is a good year to take charge and manage your life. Or maybe make a new life with someone? Ox’s get a chance for rapid development and should see their plans coming to fruition. Whilst Sheep get a do-over, think of this as the chance to correct mistakes in your life and live the life that you want or need to live.

Snake and Horse signs

These should be lucky signs this year as they will probably be the centre of attention. They are excellent signs to call on for support and or creative inspiration, as they will have more than they could possibly need. They have big changes coming at the end of the year, but as the next couple of years will be theirs, the Snake needs to shed its skin to grow in 2025, and the Horse has a hurdle to jump to get to be first at the winning post in 2026.  

Rooster and Monkey signs

Although directly clashed last year, this year they can celebrate success. They have all of the help and support they could ever need, so it is a good time to get things fixed, albeit in your health, life or home and environment. You have loads of energy and purpose leading to what could be great financial rewards. Meanwhile the Monkey is also blessed as together with the Rat forms the complete Dragon group. This makes a prestige year in terms of partnerships, alliances, and it is a good year to marry. Monkeys don’t have to work as hard as the Roosters do, as they will be very lucky financially and may even pick up some windfalls.

Alan Stirling, Feng Shui Master - Written 9th February 2024.

We hope you have enjoyed our Chinese New Year predictions. This form of Chinese astrology is incredibly accurate with almost 13 million variations, therefore the advice we provide can only be general. With practice, Four Pillars of Destiny charts are easy to compile and we provide a Free Chinese Astrology Chart Calculator. However, correct analysis of the Four Pillars of Destiny is an extremely complex subject. Fully understanding the complexities of a chart, and interpreting what it means is much more difficult, and Four Pillars of Destiny readings could even be considered an art form. A professional Feng Shui consultant can provide Chinese astrology readings in order to understand your personal energy, compare it with that of your home or business, and offer advise on how to use simple, subtle cures to create the perfect environment for you, your family and staff.

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