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Feng Shui ScienceWhy Wind and Water?

Most people know that Feng Shui means wind and water, but not necessarily why. The natural forces of wind and water consist of chemical compounds and whenever they meet, react with each other, change form and release energy.

The scientific definition of energy is "a physical property possessed by an object and is a measure of the capability to make things happen. In order for things to happen, some of the energy in the object must be transferred to some other object". The term "Power" refers to the rate at which the transfer of energy takes place.

We can explain this further by looking at the process of respiration, where food reacts with the oxygen that we inhale to form carbon dioxide and water. These two compounds then release the energy that we use to metabolise and power our bodies. This is a useful example of how energy in one form is changed and transferred to create something else.

CellAs with many natural laws, those with the simplest explanations generally have the most profound effects. Cells are scientifically regarded as the smallest unit of life, responding to changes in their local environment to live, grow, reproduce and die.

Humans are composed of trillions of cells and also respond to changes in our local environment. Relatively recently, we have gained understanding of a master cell known as a "stem" cell, which has the ability to analyse its local environment and produce the cells necessary to heal.

The same thing happens to us within our local environment. Quite simply, we affect our environment and our surroundings have an effect on us, either positively or negatively. The study of Feng Shui enables us to analyse both the occupants of a building and the environmental energy. Where there is incompatibility between the two, the addition of simple cures ensure that we are supported by our environment and have the power to make better things happen in our lives.

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