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the five elements - ke cycle

Feng Shui ScienceThe Sheng Cycle produces harmony in our environment and when used with Chinese astrology, within people themselves. When an element is missing from the Sheng cycle, one element will control another and is known as the Control or Ke Cycle. The energy or Qi does not pass smoothly from one stage to another, blocking the flow and leading to pressure and stress.

The Ke Cycle is water and fire, wood and earth, fire and metal, earth and water, and metal and wood. We can use the Ke Cycle to balance excessive Qi, but most professional consultants mainly use the Sheng cycle.

Everyday Ke Cycle

To illustrate weaknesses in man made structures, let us look at the Five Elements as applied to normal everyday things.

  • Red balloon. The balloon is round or metal shaped, whilst the colour red is fire qi. The inherent weakness means the red balloon does not last as long as a white one which is metal coloured.
  • White Doors. Metal colours on wood shaped doors tend to have problems. To balance, paint the door dark blue or add a water type characteristic.
  • Flat or earth shaped roofs tend to leak, especially so when they are black, which is the water element. Grey or metal coloured roofs tend to last longer.
  • Cars. Roads are classified as the water element because they allow things to flow, and cars are metal. Metal and water are next to one another in the Sheng cycle arrangement, but a red car is fire and metal and will deteriorate faster than a black or metal coloured car.

We can apply this methodology to any product just by looking at its colour, shape and use. The best and longest lasting will be those in the Sheng cycle arrangement.

The Five Elements in your Home

Analysing your home or office and arranging things in a Sheng Cycle can bring almost immediate results. If you are suffering unnecessary stress, just add the missing element from the Sheng cycle arrangement, either in terms of shape, or colour and you will immediately feel the difference.

Furthermore, all energy is subject to magnetism, which means that certain elements do extremely well in certain parts of your home, whilst others do not. Just getting this balance right creates a huge difference in people's quality of life, just try it and see!

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