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The Eight Trigrams (continued)

The Eight Trigrams

Here we see the formation of the 8 Trigrams, or ba gua, which as you have seen previously, are derived from the Tai Chi symbol.

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All Trigrams are created from the bottom up, as though building a house and therefore, when writing the trigrams, the first line should always be the bottom line. This is especially important when consulting the I Ching Book of Changes.

This is the eight trigrams, with greater yang on the left and greater yin on the right. The second line has the lesser or younger levels of yin and yang, and finally the top line provides the 8 Trigrams. Yang in coloured black above and yin is yellow.

This sequence was discovered back in BCE 3300 by Fu Xi. One of the most striking coincidences is that it is a binary code; the same language that computers use! Now that the Trigrams have been created, lets find out their secrets.

The Eight Trigrams

"From the three came the 10,000 things." Lao Zi (Lao Tse) the father of Taoism

This means that everything in our universe can be assigned and understood by one of these Trigrams. This has led to a greater comprehension of life and the universe and is the basis of Chinese philosophy. Here are just a few of the attributes assigned to each Trigram. Two trigrams have the same lines, either all yin or all yang, whilst the remaining six trigrams have one line that is different and known as the "host" line. Noting whether the host, in red below, is yin or yang tells us the polarity of the whole Trigram.

Trigram name Trigram Direction Phenomena Family Member Element
Qian qian trigram NW Heaven Father Metal
Dui dui trigram W Marsh Youngest Daughter Metal
Li li trigram S Fire Middle Daughter Fire
Xun xun trigram SE Wind Eldest Daughter Wood
Zhen zhen trigram E Thunder Eldest Son Wood
Kan kan trigram N Water Middle Son Water
Gen gen trigram NE Mountain Eldest Son Earth
Kun kun trigram SW Earth Mother Earth

What the trigrams represent...