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The Eight Trigrams (continued)

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The Pre Heaven Sequence or Xian Tian Ba Gua

This is the formation of Trigrams produced by Fu Xi in BCE 3300 and bears a striking resemblance to many ancient symbols, including Sanskrit and the Native American medicine wheel. It is a perfect model of harmony and unity and displays the natural way of life on our planet.

Pre Heaven Bagua

Looking at any one Trigram, as well as that opposite, provides a natural model of yin and yang and shows how things reach their peak and change to their complete opposite. To aid identification, Trigram Leaders are red. Let's look at each Trigrams individually, then compare it to its partner.

Qian - Heaven

qian trigramQian is found at the top of the pre heaven sequence and represents sky or heaven. It is designated as the metal element, because metal actually comes from the heavens when stars go supernova. This is where atoms are fused together, increase their mass and change to heavier elements such as iron, gold and silver. Radiation from the stars penetrates to the core of our planet, and why Qian or full yang is known as the "penetrating" force.

The three active levels within the heavens are mystically referred to as the trinity. We can think of this as being the radiation we receive from the Sun and planets in our solar system, neighbouring stars, and finally the stars in the entire universe, all of which affect us.

Kun - Earth

kun trigram Kun receives this energy and is therefore known as the "receptive" force. Further radiation produces heat, warming our planet for life to form, but in order to maintain a constant temperature, the earth releases the same amount of radiation and is why yin energy rises.

Of the Earth's three active levels, the top line represents the atmosphere or " heaven". The middle line represents a band between 1 Km above and 1 Km below sea level, where 95% of life on our planet is found. It is therefore designated as the "man" line. The bottom line represents the Earth and its crust.

All Trigrams have this designation of Heaven, Man and Earth and in Feng Shui, is known as the "luck trinity". However, Kun takes on special meaning as it serves as a model for our planet and represents the microcosm.

Qian, the Father trigram and Kun, the Mother trigram, having all yang and all yin lines, are known as the "Pure Trigrams" and give rise to the other six trigrams.

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