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"I've studied magick for years and didn't realize a person such as Dusty existed. Our deepest thanks to him." Chris, UK

"Thank you so much for all your work. Life is so much better than it was two years ago - like night and day." D.R. USA

Just to say how totally amazing and what a beautiful experience using the healing wand has been. One of the most beneficial things I have experienced in my life! CK, UK

Amulet Magic SpellsAn Introduction to LiveWood

Effective LiveWood instruments can only be made with the active co-operation of the life force resident within the tree itself. As every tree is but the physical body of a Nature Spirit, known as a tree Dryad, success in this field depends entirely upon the degree of contact and the mutual agreement achieved. By using the sacred methods, rites and rituals laid down by the ancient Woodcraft lore of the Old Religion, we have been able to talk with our Sacred Trees and achieve a very high degree of success. In simple terms, the Dusty Millers have learnt to work with Mother Nature instead of on her, and the co-operation gained is truly fantastic, making our work very special.

Ley LinesThis rapport with trees is a very ancient and mystical art, but we have found it well worth the 25 long years of apprenticeship needed to achieve it. Although aware of us humans, most Dryads are uninterested in mankind and tend to ignore us completely. However, for some unknown reason, those Dryads that live on Ley Lines, seem to go out of their way to be friendly. It is as if the barrier between their world and ours is much thinner on Ley Lines, due maybe to the earth Energies that pulse along the leys. This is why all our LiveWood Dryads were 'born and bred' on these lines of power.

Trees can be predominately male or female, or (more usually) both. Whereas Dryads are always Neuter. This means that Dryads can only reproduce by subdividing themselves to form a 'clone'. The new clone Dryad is immediately as old and knows everything the original Dryad knew. This means in effect that all Dryads are the same age: but in fact they are actually timeless and to all intents and purposes, immortal.

The 'Tame' or domesticated Clone dryads use a LiveWood token from their parent tree, to anchor them to the physical world. Thus, even though they are very active in the psychic world, they still keep a 'sleeping partner' in our physical world. Apart from LiveWood, we ought to mention that there are other types of wood; Livingwood, Deadwood and Greenwood.

Livingwood is the flexible, living wood that forms the body of a growing tree. It is in the business of being a tree, growing bigger and stronger all the time. Deadwood is a wood that for one reason or another has been rejected by both the tree and the Dryad, so is no longer growing and has been put into self-destruct mode. Autumn leaves and sticks found on the ground are good examples of this withdrawal of the life-force, when the tree no longer needs them. Unfortunately, Deadwood isn't much good for anything apart from use as fuel, or when rotted down, as food for other trees as part of the Woodland food chain.

Greenwood on the other hand, is wood stolen from the tree by force. When the tree Spirit is aware of an approaching thief, the Dryad quickly vacates the tree, leaving the thief with an abandoned branch without any life-force. But as this isn't the self-destruct mode, the branch will in fact die slowly, leaving behind a dead body that mankind knows as timber and has undeniably found very useful. Once the thief has gone, the Dryad will again enliven the tree and things will return to normal.

Most LiveWood items grew on incredibly ancient trees growing along prehistoric Ley Lines (earth Energy force fields that criss-cross our English north Kent countryside), or in one of the Elfin 'Hallowed Places' that mark the intersections because the vibrations of these lines of force appear to have a very beneficial and strengthening effect on anything growing along their path. Likewise, our LiveWood comes from trees sacred to the "Old Religion" because the combination of these two factors results in a much reliable Dryad.

Under normal circumstances, when a branch is cut from a tree, the Dryad withdraws the life-force from the branch to allow it to die. But with our method, the Dryad is only too happy to leave a subdivision or 'Clone' of itself inside the cut branch, so that it now has its own personal Dryad. It is somewhat similar to growing a plant from a cutting. This new Dryad, no longer attached to the tree, suddenly finds it can do a lot of things it couldn't do before, and for our purposes, needs to be domesticated or tamed to help it develop a higher degree of self-control. This is done by performing all the necessary rituals of the ancient woodcraft lore evolved during the heyday of the Old Religion.

This normally results in a unique LiveWood Tool, complete with one or more resident Dryads, each capable of greatly amplifying and guiding any thought-forms produced by the user of the tool. But, beware! Every LiveWood Dryad always has a strong character of its own and no guarantee of its co-operation can be given. They will only work with people they like and can trust. It will, therefore, pay you to take the time to make friends with them first, before requesting their help. The more you win their confidence, the more help they will give you. Treat them as you would a beloved friend and they will give you a lifetime of devoted service.

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