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The Chinese Compass or Luo pan

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union of Heaven and erathThe Luo Pan

Luo Pan means Luo - a net that encompasses everything and Pan meaning utensil or plate. This allegorically refers to the union of Heaven and Earth and specifically to the electro magnetic field that holds all matter together.

The Luo Pan has been developed for the past 2 000 years and as every traditional Feng Shui master of note has added to it during this time, the Luo pan contains the sum total of Feng Shui knowledge to date. There are 2 main types namely San he (triple combination) which is an elementary level and the advanced level of San Yuan (3 eras). There is also a combined Luo pan called a Zhong He and all of these Luo Pans can be purchased from this site. You can also get training in the application and use of the Luo pan through one of our accredited schools.

feng shui compass

Chinese astrology professional readings include Four Pillars of Destiny, Zi Wei Dou Shu, I Ching Divination or Nine Star Ki astrology

We also offer a Tai Chi Course with Master Stephen Hwa

Learn Chinese astrology or feng shui yourself from an accredited Feng Shui School or online with our Feng Shui mastery Series.

buy luo pan from FSILuo Pans also come in various sizes ranging from 4 inches corresponding to the 4 seasons, 8 inches based on the Ba Gua and 12 inches for the 12 branches. Some rings are paired and cannot not be used alone, some for direction only and some carry important messages associated with timing. Although looking extremely complex, by understanding the 5 elements you can quickly determine the auspiciousness of a direction through the use of the 24 mountains. Although most rings use 5 elements, there are some that are based on the 12 palaces and these stages of life range from birth through maturity to death and then re-birth. They tell us the strength of an element in a particular direction.

The different levels of feng shui information are contained in each ring of a Luo pan

luo pan rings
328¢ example shown
Ring Description

These seven steps to become a professional consultant consist of:

Step 1
Key Concepts Feng Shui Course

Step 2
Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Course

Step 3
Nine Star Ki Astrology

Step 4
Feng Shui Business Course

Step 5
I Ching and Wen Wang Gua

Step 6
Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui

Step 7
Advanced Ba Zi - Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology

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All feng shui terms defined in our Glossary

0 Heaven pool
1 Registration mark
2 Pre heaven arrangement of Trigrams (Ba Gua)
3 Luo Shu (late heaven bagua)
4 24 mountains
5 Menace and persecution ring
6 Correct needle 24 mountain San Yuan earth plate
7 Auspicious direction in 9 periods
8 San Yuan water method / dragon gates 8 boundaries
9 Houng Fun wu xing, or big wu xing.
10 Pre heaven Luo Shu and qua of square chart
11 64 Gua name and positions
12 Pre heaven 64 Gua and Luo Shu of round chart
13 Hexagram names
14 The 64 hexagrams 9 fate star
15 The 64 hexagrams with 60 Jia Zi for choosing day
16 Pre heaven 64 Gua round charts` Luo Shu
17 The father mother and three Yuan hexagrams
18 The directional hexagrams
19 The running of 384 hexagram lines
20 The sun arrive to mountain and face
21 24 seasons
22 Qi Men Dun Jia
23 The degrees of the Lunar Mansions
24 The auspicious or inauspicious positions
25 The 28 Lunar Mansions
26 360 degrees

Buy your Luo Pan from the FSI

luo pans at teh feng shui institute

Our Luo Pans are manufactured to the highest standard and are used by the most famous feng Shui masters in the world today. They come in various sizes and there are three different types namely San Yuan, San He and a combined pan known as Zhong He. The Luo pan above has a diameter of 328 mm.

Below is a list of sizes and costs. The smaller the Luo pan, the fewer rings it will have and therefore the easier it will be to use. If you require a smaller size and would like to know which rings it contains, please e-mail us.

You can order via our secure online Paypal facilities by clicking on the button below and entering the product code together with the relevant price. Your goods should be with you within 21 days depending on where you live.

You can now order by telephone or though our automated process

We accept the following credit cards directly by calling our order hotline on 01634 730947. If calling from outside the UK please call 0044 1634 730 947. Our offices are manned 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday. At all other times please use our automated Paypal process below, which also accepts these cards.

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Zi Wei Dou Shu Chinese astrology

Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology or "Purple Emperor" is based on the Lunar calendar and has up to 144 stars and 12 palaces representing a different aspect of life.

See our Chinese astrology hall of fame

San Yuan Luopan 364mm


San He


Zhong He Luopan



Hanging talisman

Please enter Luo pan type and size

To compliment your Luo Pan we also offer a range of accessories

luopan viewer

Luo pan with Viewer Enhancer (LVE)

The LVE is a "top of the range" Luo Pan. Being supplied with an optical device to survey the site makes this the worlds first "see through the lens" Luo pan. Also the worlds most accurate Luo pan for positioning water, entrances and all other cures and enhancements. Compare the LVE with other positioning systems like GPS, a satellite based system which uses software to find positions on earth. Publicly available GPS is accurate to within 2 meters (the military version can pinpoint a position to within 1 meter). However, the LVE is accurate to within 15 CMS. In Feng Shui, accuracy is essential to create favourable results, therefore all professional feng shui masters should use this.
See configuration

Cost San He code FSILVE2 or San Yuan code FSILVE3 £450 each.

Which type?

Luo pan Tripod

luo pan tripod

This can be used on the most uneven ground, to ensure that you get accurate readings. It also offers protection from geopathic stress interference so there is less vibration in the needle. Can also be used for multiple observations from one position.

Cost £99.00 Code FSITRI

Product code?

The Ultimate Platinum Tipped Dowsing Rods

dowsing rods

Precision made and used for finding buried treasure.
Cost £600

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