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Chinese astrology famous horoscope readings of the century - Jenson Button

Jenson Button chinese astrologyFamous Chinese Astrology horoscope for Jenson Button. Although this chart has Yin Earth Pig as his hour his time of birth is unknown. Born on a Metal Rabbit day, in a Fire Ox month of an Earth Sheep year.

The day pillar defines the type of personality in a horoscope and we would classify Jenson as a Yin Metal person. This personality pays enormous attention to detail and can be considered as an excellent analyst. His ability to provide perfect feedback to his racing team at Brawn GP must have assisted in his success as they were then able to act on his recommendations. As a result Brawn GP also won the 2009 Formula 1 Constructors Championship, in the same year they were formed. Incredible success and well worthy of inclusion in this Chinese astrology hall of fame!

jensons four pillar chinese astrology chart

Using the five elements in our analysis we can see that the huge amount of earth element in this chart strengthens Jenson’s metal creating enormous pressure on him. He desperately needs the water element to relief this stress and it is no wonder that he prefers water sports as a hobby. Having overseas properties in Monaco, UK and Bahrain he also benefits by living in these water type environments. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this water is that this energy represents transport and roads / tracks, consequently when driving his racing car he could be said to “be in his element”! The weather also factors into the the energy of an environment and Jenson won the trophy early on a notably wet weekend.

Water in his 10 year “luck pillars” may also have created major changes in his life as at 8 years of age he was given his first Go – Kart by his former rally driving father John Button. This was an Earth Dragon year whose energy combined with his luck pillar of Yang Fire Rat to bring more water energy to him. Whilst the Yang Fire of his luck pillar which lasted until 1993 ensured an incredible start to his career, winning all 34 races in one season and obtaining several triumphs in the British Open Kart Championships. From 1994 until 2004 he entered a 10 year luck pillar of Yin Wood Pig, the Pig having the water element ensured that this was an outstandingly creative and wealth producing period and in 1997 he entered car racing having won the Aryton Senna Memorial Cup.

The most exciting aspect of these Chinese astrology readings is that they could be done at anytime in someone’s life and would still tell the same story. So you never know what is around the corner, unless of course you order a professional reading.

Disclaimer These short excerpts of astrological charts are, by no means, of a personal nature. This text provides the meanings of elements, or combination of elements in pillars and time cycles. As a result, no negative aspect, which may damage a celebrity’s reputation are published.


Chinese astrology hall of fame horoscopes and zodiac readings His success continued and in 2000 he joined the Williams F1 team. In 2001 a Metal Snake year he also drove for Benetton. It was a dismal year as the Snake clashed with the Pig in his luck pillar breaking a major wealth producing combination in his chart. Interestingly, 2002 a Yang Water_Horse year was much better for him. In 2003 he suffered a major month pillar clash as the Yin Water Sheep year clashed with his Yin Fire Ox and brought major changes to his business, he was replaced by Fernando Alonso in the Renault team and underwent his first contract dispute.

His second contract dispute happened in 2005 a Wood Rooster year, which is an even bigger problem than his month pillar clash as this clashed with his Rabbit in the day pillar and perhaps created doubts and fears undermining his confidence. However, his new luck pillar of Yang Wood Dog which started in the previous year ensured that this was a good 10 year period for making money and getting good support. Consequently, he signed a new racing contract for BAR Honda on September 21st and partnered Rubens Barrichello. This is an interesting date as his problems are caused by his Rabbit being clashed by the annual Rooster of 2005 and will heal themselves in 2006.

Now the date the contract was signed was an Earth Monkey day whose energy combines with the Dog in his luck pillar and most interesting of all the annual Rooster, ending his clash. This meant that instead of personal problems these zodiac animals formed a directional trine for metal and gave him an excellent foundation for his future. So much so that by joining the Honda team he was eventually able to work with Ross Brawn which led to his winning of the 2009 Formula 1 World Drivers Championship. Why is this so? Well Ross is a very strong water person and is therefore a perfect business partner and friend for Jenson.

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Jenson’s future

It is interesting to note that the Life Pillar shown above has the same components as his current luck pillar, indicating the trend and time of his life, as well as great wealth and support from the heavenly stem and earthly branch. The luck pillar having the same Yang Wood Dog meant that this would happen at some point during this 10 year period, when the Yang Wood dog appeared in an annual or month pillar. Guess what? The month he won the world championship happened in October 2009 a Yang Wood Dog month!

Jenson will enter new luck pillars from 2014 onwards and as these pillars contain his favourite element of metal he will generally have the time of his life and enjoy an excellent quality of life. His favourable colours are black and dark blue. Favourite flavours salty and well seasoned. Foods – fish. Favourite directions North.

The most exciting aspect of these Chinese astrology readings is that they could be done at anytime in someone’s life and would still tell the same story.

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