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Alan S.

From the Desk of Alan Stirling, Founder of the True Feng Shui School of Excellence, Founder of The Feng Shui Institute:

All you need to improve your life (and the lives of others) is potentially slipping through your fingers by not taking advantage of the energy already influencing your home or office.

Your environemnt is an example of the outside world in the same way that an atom, the smallest building block of matter, is a replica of our own solar system.

By changing one we affect the other. As an example, how many times have you felt better after redecorating your own home or living environment?

Now by learning feng shui you can do this with purpose and read your space to see the effect it is already having on your life. then, if needed, make subtle changes without decorating, to invite the things that you want to happen manifest in your life instead.

“Your course has transformed my life over the summer. I now have a new position where I feel well, with a title and a promotion. I am Feng Shuing my house and seeing things with new eyes. Everybody says I look younger suddenly and happier. And most of all, for the first time in a very long time, I feel at peace with myself."
Monique Cardell - USA

The world is saturated with incorrect “Feng Shui” information...
...and although well intentioned, using these false methods is not only ineffective…

...It’s Dangerous

Unfortunately, most feng shui is shrouded in mystery, superstition or unscrupulously used by traders to sell trinkets and baubles to make their own dreams come true. Alternatively, good information is drip fed to maximise profits.

As feng shui is shrouded in secrecy, anyone can say that it is feng shui, but that doesn’t make it right - and doesn’t mean you will get positive results.

Our program is the only one that teaches how feng shui works in practical and natural scientific terms, so that it can be explained and understood by everyone.

Below are a couple examples of wrong feng shui:

  1. Staff refused to work at The Governor's Palace in Hong Kong because of bad feng shui coming from the Bank of China. They called in a feng shui master who recommended the wrong cure and made their situation even worse. Arguing, fighting and no work being done continued until a True Feng Shui professional correctly analysed the issue, changed the cure and solved the problem. Harmony, efficiency and morale was restored.

  2. Another example of wrong feng shui advice. - a client had been told by a so called feng shui master that in order to sell their home they had to undergo major structural work costing £25,000. However, after a true Feng Shui consultation minor changes (costing nothing) were made within the home which balanced the energy, and the house sold shortly afterwards.

The Chinese view feng shui as an extremely powerful way of perpetuating their families prosperity for future generations. Consequently, True feng shui masters only traditionally taught just one of their children, and it was shrouded in mystery to all others, even their own family.

However, these outsiders just saw feng shui being applied, but did not know why or even how.

They tried to explain the effects using superstition to sell trinkets, which rely on your faith, rather than reason or even common sense. Or they “drip feed” the little information they have over a long period of time, which indoctrinates you into believing that even the slightest improvement.. is a miracle!

The Fateful Day That I Stumbled
Upon the Mysterious Feng Shui
Master Who Knew the (Highly
Guarded) Proven & Predictable
Systems That Generate Real
Results, Time After Time

I first came across the words Feng Shui in a completely unrelated fictitious novel, which I bought to take my mind off of the war zone environment occuring at a Middle East airport on my way back from a business trip to the Gulf.

Just seeing these two words sparked something within me, and I began my quest to discover its secrets. Returning to the UK, I enquired at several libraries where I was told that it was possibly connected to either Origami... or the Kama Sutra… Not even close!

In this same year of 1986 Black Hat feng Shui was beginning in the USA, which I tried myself for a while. Although, the results were not sustainable long term, I had a fascinating glimpse into true Feng Shui.

However, I instinctively knew this was just the tip of the iceberg, and felt there was so much more information missing, so decided to learn to read and even write Chinese, to discover these hidden secrets.

Although Alan studied with feng shui masters from east and west, his real training began during a fateful day that happened quite by accident…

As fate had it, I helped a random stranger whose gratitude led to an introduction to her father that happened to be a distinguished Master of True Feng Shui.

His name was Master Fu and my life would never be the same again.

Having shown virtue, Master Fu decided to teach me feng shui himself, over several years of full time study, on just how to unravel the centuries old secrets of True Feng Shui.

Despite his incredible success Master Fu was a very humble and unassuming man, who valued virtues such as discretion and humility above all.

Having made a full recovery from an almost fatal illness, perhaps it was this new lease of life that helped him to decide to teach me, instead of a son he never had?

He never taught feng shui to anyone else before or after, and sadly died in 2014. He is sorely missed.

I am incredibly grateful to him for his unique teaching, and subsequently I have been able to train some of the best feng shui consultants in the business, as well as help many clients around the world gain outstanding results.

Our testimonials comfirm this

Upon graduating I started to practice professionally. My clients were so amazed that I could tell exactly what was happening in their lives by the way they had arranged there furniture, fixtures and fittings. Moreover, I could also tell them what to put there instead, to achieve their goals, and greatly improve their quality of life.

Working primarily on personal referrals, my clients banded together and persuaded me to teach them all about true Feng Shui, and so in 1997 the Feng Shui School of Excellence began. I taught them and every student since how to do this professionally, both in class and by distance learning.

Since then, I have trained and continue to train consultants in many countries around the world. In 2000 I helped set the industry standards and code of ethics.

True feng shui has been kept a secret for millennia and used only amongst the elite and powerful to enrich their lives and attain success.

As we can all benefit from feng shui, it is good to know that according to the universal principles of yin and yang, life alternates from one extreme to another.

Master Fu and I shared the dream that one day children will be freely taught feng shui at school and that it could be used in hospital environments to aid healing and reduce stress.

When used in nature, it helps plants and animals to thrive which would assist us to feed the world. Using feng shui in our homes and offices creates a nurturing sanctuary that enhances all.

Now what a wonderful world that would be.

Why not join us in our quest by learning feng shui and help all make the most from their lives?

You Could Be Right Around The Corner from Dramatically Improving Your Life

As you are changing and influencing the energy around you, the effects can be felt very quickly indeed. These tend to change your overall outlook enabling you to deal with the outside world much more positively. You tend to think clearer and make better decisions, whilst sleep and overall health and wellbeing tend to improve too.

Our students have also reported “miraculos results in a matter of days”, including selling a house that had previously been on the market for years, to winning the lottery jackpot TWICE in a matter of months.

A Police commissioner recovered from a brain tumour in a very short period of time. His wife became a student after witnessing the power of true feng shui.

After a consultation using true feng shui, a client sold a chemical process he had refined for £30 million--way above expectations.

A busy female executive, with little time to go out and meet new people, met the love of her life when he called at her door to find the previous occupants!

Here is some of what our students and clients think of true feng shui

"Feng shui results have been spectacular! If you ever have any non-believers, give them my contact details and I will tell them how the house felt after our consultation. My daughter and I are walking around saying WOW to each other!"
SC – Uttoxeter

"Alan, well you worked your magic as a Feng Shui consultant on my house - it is sold subject to contract! Thank you SO much for all you have done."
Penny UK

"Remedies completed by Thursday and on the Saturday I got 3 offers. So hey presto, sold. I know you will not be surprised by this but I'm still shocked, it really is the first time I've ever experienced feng shui working so powerfully!"
LG - Surrey

"My 3 daughters used to argue constantly, but since implementing the changes from our feng shui consultation there has been no arguing at all! And also my parrot has calmed right down."
Ajay - London, UK

"We placed the water feature where advised and the energy feels miraculous - it has been one of those special moments in life when words fail."
Chris - UK

"Since Alan visited last year, many aspects of our lives have improved. Relations are more harmonious with little effort from us. My own business has got busier. It's amazing!"
T.S. - Gillingham UK

"I am very impressed with your online feng shui consultation report I had goosebumps while reading it!"

"I've got to admit that before Alan arrived I was a bit dubious about Feng Shui and was very narrow minded about what it could do for us. But as soon as I read my personal profile I could see that Alan knew his stuff, as it was frighteningly accurate, even my wife thought so. As Alan talked me through what the Feng Shui consultation would involve he mentioned that most of the measures we could take were based on common sense and in retrospect I can see he was right. After the visit there was a lot of interest from both clients and staff and I was surprised by the interest in feng shui. Overall we picked up a lot, it really is worth having a go after all. You may be dubious to begin with but an expert like Alan can, not only help with the most complex principles of feng shui, but can point out the really obvious common sense things that maybe you wouldn't otherwise have realised."
Kevin Smith - Holga Ltd

You already have the energy you need to create rapid transformation in your life

In a very short period of time you will be aware of how and why your environment directly affects your happiness and quality of life. You will then be empowered to produce the kind of life that fulfills you and helps create success wherever you are.

By taking our whole 7 Steps to Feng Shui Mastery course you can become a professional feng shui consultant and help create tailor made atmospheres to nurture people in all walks of life. Because you are dealing with the energy of their space, plus all of their senses, clients can’t help but feel empowered and motivated to achieve their goals. They usually can't keep the results quiet either, and tell their family and friends which is exactly how I started, and it isn't long before they start calling you to do the same with them. Your reputation spreads as naturally as ripples in water, reaching all corners of your world.

I would like us all to benefit from the beneficial influences that constantly surrounds us. After all, the more energy you put into something the better results you get back. Using the natural energy of our surroundings helps us to reduce stress, achieve our goals, find fulfilment and improve our wellbeing and quality of life. You only have to realise how great nature is...from doing just that!

With Decades of Results Producing An Effortless Flow of Endorsements…

The Feng Shui Institute Certification Program Is The Clear Leader

“I've read books and practiced with my own home for the last 12 years and I learned more in the first 15 pages of this course then in that entire time"
PJ Dix - USA

“I must say I read about the 4P (Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology) already in quite some books, but I was never satisfied with the content. One blink through your course already shows me I will make a good progress with it. Thanks for offering these courses"
Benny Belgium

“I have received the DVD with the course. Let me say that it is very well written with beautiful illustrations. Above all the knowledge is excellent, you explain Feng Shui very well, not like the "Pop Feng Shui" books. Congratulations!"
Jose Cotta - Portugal

“I’ve more or less also read the books from Steve Gagné, Jon Sandifer and Takashi Yoshikawa, and while some books had more detail about some subjects, the real understanding behind it all came after going through your course"
Benny - Belgium

“Excellent work, amazing, perfect. Congratulations on the wonderful presentation"
R Gonzalez - Colombia, S America

“Your I Ching course is very well done and you have explained many things that had confused me before"
Indira - USA

“I've Studied Feng Shui on my own for several years and read a lot of books. I've found a comprehensive, well-structured, clear course in your Key Concepts Feng Shui course"
J. D. Groef - Belgium

“A plethora of excellent reading in this feng shui course CD"
E.C - Philippines

“This course is great"
E Delikoura - Greece

“As of now I Ching really blows my mind. Thanks for the great course"
David Chan - Malaysia

“Congratulations. The course is clearly laid out, the illustrations are great and the Powerpoint presentations a wonderful help in clarifying the trickier concepts"
Nick - Belgium

“Thank you so much for your very inspiring course"
Elena - France

“Am so full of admiration for your Earth Acupuncture course and feel so fortunate to have discovered your website. It has positively enriched our lives and I am so grateful for sharing your insights and wisdom"

A wonderful course"
Sooseebee - UK

“I have really enjoyed this I ching course, it is very good indeed"
Chris - UK

“Its amazing. I'm loving it"
Jose - Belgium

“This I Ching course is SOOO cool!"

“I read a couple of "Western" Feng Shui books and there was something that did not sit right with me. I couldn't help but wonder why they had to come up with a "new" way. I am so excited! I needed this feng shui course, and again I thank you for your time and kindness"
J Ellen - US

“Super course, very enlightening!"

“This feng shui course is brilliant value for money"Helen - UK

“Love what I read and am so happy that I found you on the Internet. Thank you"
Margrete - Norway

“Am enjoying this feng shui course very much. Many thanks for the great work you are doing”
C de Wet - S Africa

“This I Ching course is great, the presentation is excellent and even though the topic is quite complex the explanations are extremely clear, which is very helpful"
Jose.De Groef - Belgium

“Key Concepts course is brilliant! I didn't want to stop reading it!"
K Tolhurst UK

“Thoroughly enjoying this Feng Shui course. Excellent"
T Hennigan - Eire

“A great Feng Shui course"!
Larissa - UK

“This Nine Star Ki course is magnificent!"
M Cardell - U.S.A

"On a whim, I signed up for the taster session about 48hrs before it started, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for. I had tried to read about Feng Shui in the past and found it unfathomable. As I soon discovered, Alan thankfully has a way of making what in the average person's hands is an incredibly complex, impenetrable subject into something logical, practical and easy to digest (and often times very funny too). By lunchtime on the 1st day I was already certain I wanted to take the full professional accreditation. The breadth and depth of what we covered over the course of the year is astounding and I can't wait to start putting it into practice."
Issy Class Of 2017

I came to this course simply to add another layer to my bow as an Interior Designer, yet after being exposed to the vase dynamics of FENG SHUI, I leave this course with the intention of making it my sole speciality. What I have learnt has profoundly changed not only the direction of my life, but also the very way in which I view it. The insight I have gained into myself and my environment, as well as those around me has been immeasurable. Knowing what I now know, I am just so excited to start the next part of my journey and take what I had learnt out into the world! Thank you Alan.
Sachelle Class of 2017- UK

The more I study Feng Shui the more I realise how little I know and how much there is to learn. It's disheartening to realise just how little I did learn from other schools, but I suppose I had to start somewhere. I'm so glad I did my course at a time when our school had links with yourself, otherwise I'd still be blindly ignorant of traditional Feng Shui teachings."
LE Feng Shui Consultant - UK

I've put into practice some of the things you've taught me over the past few months and it's amazing!"
VS Feng Shui Consultant/ Executive Committee member - Feng Shui Society UK

After just workshop one, we'd covered everything found in Feng Shui books - and I'd read most of them! After that, the information just didn't cease. A fantastic course for any true seeker of knowledge!"
AS Feng Shui Consultant - UK

“I have always loved the philosophy behind Chinese medicine (I’m an acupuncturist) and this takes me several steps on and also widens my appreciation. I’m finding the course is well structured and simple to follow but also challenging.”
Geraldine - UK

"With such great teachers as Alan and Alison it's such a great opportunity. I can't thank you enough for your support throughout this current year - you each have a very different style of teaching that compliments each other and has made the learning experience complete - and very enjoyable"

"I'd taken feng shui courses before but wanted a more omprehensive course. I'm so glad I came you to you - finally!"
LS Feng Shui Consultant - UK

"For me, the year was truly a triumph of personal growth, wisdom and insight, and proved exactly what it means to be at the right place at the right time."
IK Feng Shui Consultant - Finland

“I read a couple books on "Western" Feng Shui, and there was something that did not sit right with me. I couldn't help but wonder why they had to come up with a "new" way. I am so excited! I needed this course, and again I thank you for your time and kindness”
Jo Ellen - USA

“After reading the first chapter you are left wondering why you have been reading 'Basic' Feng Shui literature and it is only then that you realise how little you know and how much more you will learn”
MT Feng Shui Practitioner - Nottingham UK

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn true traditional Feng Shui with you, especially considering the fact that I did not really know what Feng Shui was and decided to join spontaneously. Thank you very much again for your teaching".
S Cheves

"I think you have done an excellent job. In the philosophical part, you provide the information in an easy to understand pictorial manner that even I, with my limited knowledge of English, can understand the Chinese approach without getting lost in needless data. The practical part seems to be written in a way that makes the more difficult concepts easier to understand. I think I will have learned a lot about Feng Shui when I have finished this course".
Herbert Rhein - Germany"

"Having taken several other on-line courses, as well as having done other classroom studies, I believe I am in a position to comment on your course, which I find rich in theory (which other courses lack), well composed, and well-worth the cost”
Evangelia - Johannesburg, South Africa

“I feel very privileged to have learnt with you and know that we meet the right people at the right time."
C.S. Smith - UK

"I would like to say that in my area there is interest in Feng Shui but most of what is available is the western or black hat Feng Shui. I have to say that I am pleased that I found your school and instruction as when I say that I am studying Traditional Feng Shui based upon physics, not the westernized version, people are quite impressed. I am very grateful for the quality of both your course and instruction. Distance learning can be challenging without direct interaction but I so appreciate the help and direction I have been given. It is very important to me to understand my courses as I wish to combine the practice of Feng Shui with my organizing and home staging business which the purpose is to bring harmony, comfort and beauty to one's space. Thank you so very much!"
Sherry - USA

The Feng Shui Institute Certification
Home Study Course

This 7 Steps to feng Shui Mastery course consists of seven levels or modules, they each contain multimedia interactive elements as well as full colour illustrations and images. They will teach you everything you need to practice feng shui professionally and can help you get amazing results for yourself and future clients.

As our aim is to empower people we teach you how get real results right from the start. As clients are usually amazed by the results they receive, they tell their friends, who may also need consultations. This then boosts your confidence and grows your business exponentially.

You will use traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques which have been practiced for milenia by the most successful feng shui masters. Moreover, each level of the course has detailed case studies from Maser Alan’s own 30+ year experience working in the contemporary world, where the results he has gained for his clients places him as one of the most respected feng shui master and teacher. Step by step guides will show you how to apply these incredibly efficient methods too, and should enable you to get the best results in any situation.

“Just have to say - wow! Thank you for the course DVD. I am absorbed, enraptured, enthralled, and most of all grateful for this amazing detail. I have had many bits and pieces, ideas of how it does indeed work, but the connections did escape me. I purchased Chinese translations into English that were really good information but the 'why in that order, placement' connection was beyond this layman. My head is filled with the landscape, the air, earth, water, minerals, fire but like never before. I am getting it - in-side as well as in-head. I am so grateful to have this comprehensive, understandable and oh so respectful material. I've only just begun, but had to stop and say thank you.”
K Riley, USA

“Material is FANTASTIC!!!! I enjoyed every bit of it - structured, logical and extremely well explained, WOW!!!"
Monika - Switzerland

“I am really glad I joined this wonderful journey of Feng Shui. I am a different person now, and the way I see and deal with the world has fundamentally changed."

“I have received the DVD with the course. Let me say that it is very well written with beautiful illustrations. Above all the knowledge is excellent, you explain Feng Shui very well not like the “Pop Feng Shui” books. Congratulations!"
Jose Cotta - Portugal

“Great course! I've learnt things I'd never thought I'd be able to understand! Thank you!"

The Key Concepts course is an excellent work which I enjoy studying because I can understand completely the feng-shui-principles in depth and how it works.”
Despina - Greece

“I have read many books on feng shui, but this course is very cogently written and thorough. I have really enjoyed what I have read so far.”
Joan - USA

“I think the course is brilliant value for money.”
Helen - UK

“The course is very educational and I am surprised at some of the things I learned already from it.”
Katherine - USA

“I think your Key Concepts course is brilliant! Once I started reading it, I didn't want to stop!"
K Tolhurst - UK

“Super course, very enlightening!”

“I am enjoying the course very much, many thanks for the great work that you are doing.”
Christiaan de Wet – South Afric

Use New Interactive Training Tools
(Incorporated into The Course)
To Learn This Ancient Art
With Modern Precision & Ease

Through Alan Stirlings background in communication these feng shui courses have all been demystified, with superstitions fully explained and transformed into common sense, practical techniques and easily adaptable methods, all to ensure success... wherever practiced.

Interactive multi media has been used to make the most difficult concepts easier to learn, understand and apply. They are available cross platform.

“I just like to say a big "thank you " for being my Feng Shui Teacher for the past year. I have found your class informative, constructive, interesting and lots of fun. Each month we are presented with a different topic, some more challenging than others. Just as we think we have grasped the idea, you would add another layer on top making it more interesting and challenging. However, you are very patient and reassuring. You have a unique way of making things easy to understand. Then surely just like you said, as if you have waved a magic wand; like that part of a jigsaw puzzle, everything that we've learnt just falls into place - MAGIC!!!!!”
Krisz Class of 2017- UK

“Your course gives the clearest, most intelligent explanation of Feng shui I have ever read. I am completely thrilled. Especially the fact that you do separate true Feng shui and the faux feng shui which I call petit Feng shui.”

“Firstly let me say how much I am enjoying studying your course. I have been looking for quite a while for the right one and am thoroughly delighted in my final choice."

“You are a very good teacher and have vast knowledge not just in Feng Shui but in the university of life. I would recommend your course to anyone who genuinely has an interest in Feng Shui. They will be fascinated by the ancient Chinese philosophy and how it affects us without us being aware. It will open their minds to a whole new approach in the perspective of life. Thank you once again.”
Krisz Class of 2017- UK

Inspired Action Bonuses

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Tuition for The True Feng Shui School of Excellence

Gain This Master Skill and Use it for a Lifetime

We have purposely kept the cost low so that more people can afford this extremely comprehensive training

  • Try Key Concepts Course First?

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    You will also pay the following cost for each step/module

    1. 1 Feng Shui Key Concepts module special introductory price of £94.00
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    3. 3 Nine Star Ki Astrology module £184.00
    4. 4 Business & Office Feng Shui module £184.00
    5. 5 Advanced I Ching & Wen Wang Gua module £544.00
      Please note you will be assesed at this point to ensure that you have a solid foundation in which to maximise results from the advanced stages of 6 and 7. However, taking Options 1 or 2 enables you to receive all modules together and move straight onto the final exam and accreditation.
    6. 6 Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui module £544.00
    7. 7 Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology module £544.00

    You can also order all options securely by calling our office

    order securely from our officeWe accept the following credit cards directly by calling our order hotline. FROM THE UK - 01634 739198. FROM OUTSIDE THE UK - 0044 1634 739198 Offices open 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday only. You can also Skype us at alan.stirling80. Outside these times, please use our Automated service - ADD TO CART below.

  • Then buy Steps 2 - 7

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    3. 3 Nine Star Ki Astrology module
    4. 4 Business & Office Feng Shui module
    5. 5 Advanced I Ching & Wen Wang Gua module
    6. 6 Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui module
    7. 7 Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology module

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    • Free student support via our dedicated Email forum.
    • Receive all modules together without prior assessment to check suitability for Advanced levels of 6 and 7.
    • Share your experiences with other students and receive tips and advice from our Feng Shui experts!
    • Attend regular online sessions with Master Alan in person where you can ask questions in real time.
    • Join our exclusive Facebook page and get inspired from fellow students and our feng shui consultants from all over the world.
    • Become an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant and entitled to use the letters RCFSI (Registered Consultant Feng Shui Institute). 
    • Selected students may also become accredited FSI Instructors and teach Accredited Feng Shui in their local area.

"I can highly recommend Alan's Feng Shui course. His classes are a perfect combination of being both insightful and engaging, something which has not only facilitated me in gaining a deep insight into this topic but has made it a real joy. I have felt both inspired and supported by Alan and had the confidence to continue and launch my own business. I can't thank him enough!"
Jana Class of 2017- UK

Having taken several other on-line courses, as well as other classroom studies and I believe I'm in a position to comment on your feng shui course, which I find rich in theory (which other courses lack), well-composed, and well-worth the cost."
Evangelia - Jo'burg, S Africa

As previously mentioned the energy in our environment is affecting our wellbeing and quality of life, it can help us achieve our hopes and aspirations and be everything that we want to be. Not taking advantage of these beneficial influences is like letting opportunities slip through our fingers.

I came into feng shui by fate and it changed my life and destiny on all levels for the better. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if i had not done so.

We live in a world of constant change-make yours now by going with the flow to become a feng shui professional, or just change your life for the better, by taking this course!

With Decades of Student Success...
We Stand Strongly Behind Our Training

We are so confident about the quality and effectiveness of this professional training, that we allow you to try it by taking just the first step and then committing to the full program, yet still get the huge bulk buy discount!

However, if you are still cautious or have financial restraints, you can take each course or step as or when you are able. There is no currently time constraints and you can study at your leisure, whilst still receiving our full support.

“This course has far exceeded my expectations in many ways, based on my experience of other courses to develop knowledge of a particular subject. The friendship and camaraderie of the class, sheer volume of information and learning and Alan's all-knowing omnipotence for feng shui has been outstanding and reassuring every step of the way”
Anne-Marie Class of 2017- UK

“Thank you for the amazing Feng Shui journey!”
NF Feng Shui Consultant - UK

“It was a pleasure to be studying under the guidance of a real professional. One simply couldn't learn more about authentic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology in a year anywhere else."
YLF - Singapore