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Accredited I Ching Divination With Wen Wang Gua Course

Advanced I Ching and Wen Wang Gua course

The best fully accredited I Ching Distance Learning course on the Internet. As the definitive guide, we guarantee you will not find another course that teaches I Ching divination to this degree!

The I Ching, Yi Jing, or "Book of Changes", is an ancient Chinese divination text that has been hailed for millennia as a mystical oracle that unlocks the secrets of nature. I Ching readings provide insight and guidance to the changes that affect us, and by following its advice, the I Ching helps us make the right choices and feel confident about our future.

As the I Ching is veiled in allegory and the text is based on historical events, the course begins with the history of the I Ching and explains the hidden meanings within the text of the book. We then start to build the ancient symbols, learning how to prepare and cast a divination. Once proficient in casting, we continue to unravel the mysteries of the traditional I Ching book, through the "Great Treatise", changing lines, nuclear, reverse and inverse guas.

Moving on from the traditional written text, the course then focuses on the advanced method of Wen Wang Gua, which uses Chinese astrology to make I Ching readings much more specific and clearer to understand.

You will learn how to guage the strength of your results, whether a situation is achievable or not, and more importantly, when it will happen, an aspect that is unique in I Ching study. Next, you will learn how to apply the effects of Form School principles, as well as the ancient secrets contained within trick songs.

As an extremely complex system to master, the Advanced I Ching and Wen Wang Gua Divination course includes over 26,000 words, animated presentations, case studies, complete step-by-step instructions, and full in-depth analysis. There are very few professional Feng Shui Consultants practicing today that have the knowledge contained within the I Ching and Wen Wang Gua course, so if you aspire to be the very best Feng Shui consultant you can be, this course is for you!

The Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery

The I Ching and Wen Wang Gua course is Step 5 of the Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery. As an Advanced course, prior knowledge and understanding of essential Feng Shui principles are necessary in order to completely understand and correctly implement Advanced I Ching and Wen Wang Gua, all of which are taught in previous courses. This course is a required stage of the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training programme.

The Accredited I Ching and Wen Wang Gua course may also be purchased at full price without first taking Step 1. Alternatively, enrol with Step 1, and receive almost 30% off the total cost of Steps 2 to 7, compared to purchasing each course individually. Once enrolled with Step 1, you are also able to receive free student support from our Feng Shui experts and access to our regular free Feng Shui Webinars. See our Frequently Asked Questions - Student Support.

  • Welcome
  • How to Study
  • About this course
  • Ways to help you study
  • Ancient Symbols
  • Introducing the I Ching
  • I Ching - The Book of Changes
  • Mankind’s Legacy
  • I Ching History
  • Hexagrams
  • How to Cast a Hexagram
  • Hexagram Construction
  • Changing Lines
  • The Great Treatise
  • Good Fortune Judgements
  • Misfortune Judgements
  • Hexagram ID Table
  • Hexagram Dynamics
  • Learn the I Ching
  • The Shi Ying System
  • Subject and Object Lines
  • Hexagram Palaces
  • Locating Subject and Object lines
  • Wandering and Returning Spirits
  • Gua Shen
  • Body Line and Gua Palaces
  • How to find the Body Line
  • Missing Body Line
  • Palace Hexagrams with Subject, Object and Body Lines
  • Assigning Earthly Branches
  • Earthly Branch Table
  • Na Zhi
  • Hexagram Sequencing
  • Pure Hexagram Table of Earthly Branches
  • Start Points of Hexagrams
  • Advanced I Ching
  • Assigning Attributes
  • Liu Qin
  • Easy Reference Attribute Sequence
  • Attribute Cycles
  • Choosing an Enquiry Line
  • The Parents Line
  • The Officer Ghost Line
  • Brothers Line
  • Wealth Wife Line
  • Children Line
  • Pure Hexagram Attributes
  • I Ching Yi Jing Divinations
  • The Effects of Time
  • Timeliness
  • Voids
  • Case Study
  • Earthly Branch Dynamics
  • Shi and Ying Revisited
  • No Enquiry Line
  • Hiding Line and Flying Line
  • Source, Annoying and Hostile Lines
  • Advancing and Retreating
  • Further Branch Dynamics
  • Two Enquiry Lines
  • Tomb Raider
  • Vanishing Point
  • Meeting Sheng at Vanishing
  • Enquiry and Annoying Lines
  • Hostile Line
  • Body Line Revisited
  • Form School and the I Ching
  • Dragon
  • Bird
  • Gou Chen
  • Snake
  • Tiger
  • Tortoise
  • Positioning the Six Animals
  • Trick Songs
  • Advanced Branch Dynamics
  • Wen Wang Gua I Ching
  • Gua Lines and Advanced Branch Dynamics
  • Month Branch
  • Month Break
  • Day Branch
  • Year Branch
  • Earthly Branch Combinations
  • Six Harms
  • Triple Combinations
  • Earthly Branch Penalties
  • Hexagram Dynamics
  • Fan Yin
  • Fan Yin of Hexagram Lines
  • Fu Yin
  • Ancient Example
  • Earthly Branch Health
  • Earthly Branch Body Parts
  • Analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Case Study
  • Knowledge Review - Multiple Choice Questions
  • Learn I Ching

Step 5 - Accredited I Ching and Wen Wang Gua Course

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This I Ching course is great. The presentation is excellent and even though the topic is quite complex, the explanations are extremely clear, which is very helpful." J De Groef - Belgium
Your I Ching course is very well done and you explained many things that had confused me before". Indira - USA
As of now the I Ching really blows my mind. Thanks for the great course". D Chan - Malaysia
This I Ching course is SOOO cool!". MJK - USA
I have really enjoyed this I ching course, it is very good indeed. Chris - UK
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