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Feng shui course - Students Comments

Learn and apply with the Key Concepts Feng Shui course:

  • The History of Feng Shui and how does this knowledge help produce incredible results?

  • Yin & Yang – achieving natural harmony in your home and life.

  • Working with natural energy or qi – how to enhance your life and avoid stress in your home and workplace.

  • Personal Qi - energy for health and vitality including food and diet.

  • Wu Xing - The Five Elements - The Feng Shui toolkit - Energy Dynamics, using colour, shape, textures and aromas for 5 sense Feng Shui.

  • Form School Feng Shui - the perfect furniture positions for your bedroom, lounge, dining room, children’s rooms, study, office or any room of your choice.

  • Architectural balance. What does your home say about your life? How to correct missing corners and enhance projections. Feng Shui in the neighbourhood - improve relations with your neighbours.

  • The Ba Gua– how to improve relationships, health, career, respect, harmony, creativity, children’s lives, networking and travel through the Eight Life Aspirations.

  • Feng Shui cures, including programming crystals, the correct use of mirrors and why, yin and yang lighting, plants, and correct water placement.
  • Compass School Feng Shui - Astrology and Magnetism. Understanding and aligning your home with magnetic compass directions to achieve natural harmony and balance in your life.

  • The Lo Shu square and Trigrams - ancient wisdom for the modern world and the foundations of Chinese philosophy.

  • Auspicious Compass directions for homes and natural landscapes.

  • Ming Gua - How to find your own personal Trigram or Ming Gua, your personal directions for Love, Relationships, Health, Wealth and Harmony. Balancing East and West group compatibility. Combining home and personal portents.

  • Making a floorplan and working with floorplans.

  • Chinese compass or Luo Pan. This knowledge includes time and space feng shui and how your home is different from others.

  • Auspicious portents for increased wealth, health relationships and harmony.

  • Chinese astrology clashes, combinations and compatibility with animals of the Chinese zodiac.

  • East and West Group compatibility favourable sleeping directions.

    Plus much, much more!

Students Comments

Why take the Feng Shui Key Concepts course

Students Comments

"A great Feng Shui course"! Larissa - UK

"Thoroughly enjoying this Feng Shui course. Excellent"
T Hennigan - Eire

"Key Concepts course is brilliant! I didn't want to stop reading it!"
K Tolhurst UK

"Love what I read and am so happy that I found you on the Internet. Thank you".
Margrete - Norway

“Am enjoying this feng shui course very much. Many thanks for the great work you are doing”.
C de Wet – S Africa

Have taken several other on-line courses, as well as other classroom studies and I believe I'm in a position to comment on your feng shui course, which I find rich in theory (which other courses lack), well-composed, and well-worth the cost.
Evangelia - Jo'burg,
S Africa

"A plethora of excellent reading in this feng shui course CD"
E.C - Philippines

  • The Key Concepts course: one of the best investments you will ever make; not just of financial benefit but also an investment in you, helping you to become the master of your own life.
  • Suitable for all levels of Feng Shui competence, from complete beginners to established Feng Shui masters.
  • The only Feng Shui course that teaches how nature and life work and why your environment has such a strong influence on you, affecting your quality of life.
  • Teaches how to use feng shui principles to make better things happen for you and your prospective clients: create wealth, health, happiness, better relationships, harmony and balance in all areas of your life, whilst alleviating stress. Tried and tested methods that have worked for over 6,000 years.
  • Change to a more rewarding career as a Feng Shui Practitioner or Consultant. The Key Concepts course is the first step to becoming a professional Feng Shui practitioner, not only receiving great personal fulfillment but really making a difference to people’s lives.

  • There is worldwide interest and fascination for Feng Shui, creating great demand for practitioners and consultants. Domestic consultations range from GB£200 - GB£1250+ and up to thousands for corporate Feng Shui consultations. Based on how nature works, not superstition, it appeals to all and creates a much wider clientele.

  • Accredited feng shui course by the International Feng Shui Institute.

  • Full Email backup - free! If you need extra help with any concept of the feng shui course, just Email us and we'll help. This will guarantee that you will pass the course, gain essential knowledge, improve your quality of life and increase your own personal confidence. What more could you need? BUY NOW

"Your feng shui course gives the clearest, most intelligent explanation of Feng Shui I have ever read. I am completely thrilled. Especially as you separate true Feng Shui and the faux Feng Shui which I call "petit Feng Shui".

"I read a couple of "Western" Feng Shui books and there was something that did not sit right with me. I couldn't help but wonder why they had to come up with a "new" way. I am so excited! I needed this feng shui course, and again I thank you for your time and kindness".
J Ellen USA

"Your course has transformed my life. I now have a new position where I feel well, with a title and a promotion, am re-launching my massage/hypnotherapy business and Feng Shuing my house. I am seeing things with new eyes. Everybody says I look younger and happier, but most of all, for the first time in a very long time, I feel at peace with myself. Can't wait til I do the second level".
M Cardell- USA

"Studied Feng Shui on my own for several years and read a lot of books. I've found a comprehensive, well-structured, clear course in your Key Concepts Feng Shui course "
J. D. Groef - Belgium

Feng Shui Key Concepts course now with added value! Feng shui training CD cover

From many years of experience in producing the best Distance Learning Feng Shui courses, we have found that many students from other Feng Shui schools are taking our feng shui courses to increase their knowledge and learn new techniques. We are happy to support and help all in the world of feng shui, but have decided to reward our own students by offering discounts just for them.
Order the Feng Shui Key Concepts course, and we will enrol you in our Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery professional training programme, meaning that you will be able to become a professional consultant in seven stages and receive between 25% - 50% discount of further courses in the programme. We may even consider you as an FSI Instructor and help bring Feng Shui to your local area.

There has never been a more exciting time to take the Key Concepts Feng Shui course!

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