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Advanced Feng Shui courses

advanced feng shuiThese advanced Feng Shui courses have been designed to allow you to get the maximum results during a Feng Shui consultation. They analyse the effects of time and space, (direction) on matter. Or, the effects of time on people and their environment and follows the world of change that we live in.

To truly understand this just think of the neighbourhood that you grew up in and how it has changed in just a relatively short period of time. You could then consider how you have changed in this period, or maybe just over the last few years.

To analyse these effects on people and their environment two systems are used; the first is flying star feng shui which monitors the rise and fall of energy in an environment. The most vibrant areas bring wealth and well being, so these should be used for main living areas, whilst the decaying areas should be used for storage or cured accordingly.

The second method uses the most accurate form of Chinese astrology known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. This shows us how people change through time and is essential for understanding the effects of change in the environment on specific individuals.

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Our Advanced Courses

5 - Feng Shui Diviner Course

The I Ching enables you to advise clients with any problems they have already encountered, or may encounter in the future. It can also be used for general guidance in anyone's life. Read More...





6. Flying Star Feng Shui

  • Chapter 1 - The Basics
    Time and Space Feng Shui
    The essence of Feng Shui
    Heaven, Earth and Man application
    Xuan Kong Fei Xing –Time and Space Flying Star
    A Brief History of Flying Stars Feng Shui
    The San Yuan School or Three Eras
    Compiling the Earth Base
    The Nine Yun Cycle
    The Luo Shu Progression

  • Chapter 2 - Flying the Stars
    Taking a reading
    Twenty four mountains
    The rule of 5
    How to run the stars forwards and backwards
    Flying the water star
    Flying the mountain star

  • Chapter 3 - The Nine Stars and Timeliness
    The Timely Nine Stars
    What is timely now?
    Usable stars
    The Secret Of Feng Shui Success!
    The Nine Palaces
    Pre and late heaven Ba Gua
    The He Tu (River Chart)
    He Tu Combinations
    Triggering the He Tu combinations
    Interpretation stage 1 - chart summary and preliminary analysis
    Chart analysis
    Case Study

  • Chapter 4 - Annual and Monthly stars
    Year and Month Star
    Calculating the annual star
    Working example
    Interpretation stage 2 analysis

  • Chapter 5 - Star combinations
    How the combinations are formed
    81 Star Combinations
    Traditional cures
    Glass jar
    Sonic waves
    Wind chimes
    Auspicious charts
    The Three Combinations
    The Ten Combinations
    Case study healthy house
    San ban gua
    Case study with time stars
    The best feng shui house to choose

  • Chapter 6 - Home vibrancy
    The sands of time
    How do you calculate the timeliness of the earth base?
    Property development and finding the right location
    Shang shen ling shen
    Secondary Wealth Corner
    Buying a new home
    Fly before you buy!
    Period eight interpretations
    South facing buildings
    Southwest facing buildings
    West facing buildings
    Northwest facing buildings
    North facing buildings
    East facing buildings
    Southeast facing buildings

  • Chapter 7 - Personal flying stars and advanced interpretations
    Pie or square?
    The central square
    Personal interpretation
    Ming Gua
    Personalised case study
    The perfect home or office environment
    Imprisoned Noble Star
    Fu Yin and Fan Yin

  • Chapter 8 - Advanced Techiniques
    Castle Gate Theory
    Clearing feng shui clutter and confusion
    Fixtures and fittings
    Choosing the facing in an apartment block
    Replacement Stars
    When To Use Replacement Stars
    Case study
Flying Star Feng Shui Course details and buy now

7. Four pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology

  • Chapter 1 - The Basics of Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi
    Constructing a chart
    The Ten Heavenly Stems
    12 Earthly Branches

  • Chapter 2 - Timeliness
    Hidden heavenly stems
    Timeliness of elements
    Twelve stages of life

  • Chapter 3 - Analysis of the Four Pillars
    Determining Strength
    Noble - Strong - Balanced - Weak - Totally weak
    Finding the favourable elements

  • Chapter 4 – Assigning Attributes
    The Six Applications
    Reading the chart
    The Attribute Wheel
    The Ten Applications
    Proper Power Unbecoming Power - Proper Resources - Unbecoming Resources - Proper Wealth - Unbecoming Wealth - Gracious Output - Drastic Output - Friendly Parallel - Unfriendly Parallel -
    The five different forms of pillar
    Qi flow across the pillars

  • Chapter 5 – Heavenly Stem Clashes and Combinations
    Example Christopher Reeve 1 – 6 Combination
    Arsène Wenger successful 1 – 6 combination
    2 – 7 Combination
    3 – 8 Combination
    4 – 9 Combination
    5 – 10 Combination
    What the pillars mean
    The Four Clashes

  • Chapter 6 – Branch Combinations and what they mean.
    The Six Combinations
    The Four Directions

  • Chapter 7 - External influences
    Annual luck pillars
    Little Fate to Big Fate

  • Chapter 8 - Advanced Pillar Techniques
    Advanced pillars
    House of Conception
    House of Life
    Melodic Five Elements

  • Chapter 9 - Advanced techniques
    Extraordinary Lives
    Heavenly Stem Transformations

  • Chapter 10 – Void Branches
    Empty Branch Applications

    Chapter 11 Shen / Sha
    Prosperity and Heavenly Noble
    Golden Carriage
    Beautiful Red Peach Blossom
    Peach Blossom by The Pool
    Inner Peach Blossom
    Outer Peach Blossom
    General Star
    Elegant Cover
    Post Horse
    Heavenly Virtue Noble
    Monthly Virtue Noble Example
    Robbing Devil
    Death God
    Solitary and Forlorn Stars.
    Three Wonders

    Chapter 12 – Health and Chinese Astrology
    Heavenly Stems And Body Parts
    Earthly Branches And Sickness
    Critical Pillars
    Choosing An Auspicious Date

Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Course details and buy now

Key Concepts Feng Shui Course

Intermediate Feng Shui Courses

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