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Feng Shui Institute Accredited Curriculum

The curriculum for the Feng Shui Accredited Practitioner Programme as run by the International Feng Shui School of Excellence is below. The Feng Shui professional courses are held in London and Kent, UK. Please click on the link for dates and costs. You are welcome to attend the entire course or choose certain modules. However you must book in advance. To check availability please e-mail Alan Stirling or see the Feng Shui School of Excellence web site.

These courses are also available via Distance Learning in our Seven Stages to Feng Shui Mastery.

Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts Foundation Stage

Feng Shui Workshop 1
Key concepts
The history of Feng Shui. Yin and Yang. 5 elements. What is qi and how does it work. Energy for life and the law of conservation. Architectural balance. The Ba Gua and "True Feng Shui".
Feng Shui Workshop 2 Compass school Feng Shui pt 1 Introduction to the Luo Pan (inner rings) and Chinese Astrology. Inclusive of: Ten Celestial Stems. Twelve Terrestrial branches. The Twenty Four Mountains and The sixty year cycle.
Feng Shui Workshop 3 Compass school Feng Shui pt 2 Compass School Feng Shui, Ba Gua / Lo Shu. The Authentic Eight Portents Directionology and date of birth - influence on directions. Key Concepts Course on CD ROM

Accredited Feng Shui Intermediate Stages

Feng Shui Workshop 4 Earth acupuncture and business Feng Shui Earth Acupuncture and Geographic Stress, black streams, Geological faults, ley lines and global geomagnetic grids. Map and field dowsing, water divining. Space Clearing and Sacred Geometry. Feng Shui for business and commercial consultations, including Graphic Design and standard literature. Auspicious Dimensions.
Dowsing Course on CD ROM Feng Shui For Business on CD ROM
Feng Shui Workshop 5
I Ching & Divination
History of the I Ching, Secrets of Yin and Yang, Life Cycles and your own destiny Gua. Divining the I Ching by commentaries or yaos. The Peach Blossom and the Shi Ying system, part one. I Ching Course on CD ROM
Feng Shui Workshop 6
9 Star Ki and Chinese Astrology
9 Star Ki and Chinese Astrology, its direct bearing on relationships, compatibility, clashes and combinations. Adult / Child configurations, Gender characteristics. Auspicious directions. Yearly monthly and daily time cycles. Cures. To balance your life.
9 Star Ki course on CD ROM

Accredited Feng Shui Advanced Stages

Feng Shui Workshop 7 Flying Star Feng Shui Time and Space Feng Shui. The Three Yuan Eras, The Nine Yun Cycle, The Nine Stars, the divine mountain and water dragons. Chart construction and interpretation. Timeliness, Star Combinations and curing inauspicious combinations. Imprisoned Stars, He Tu Combinations, Ming Gua applications.
Feng Shui Workshop 8 Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui, Advanced Water and Mountain Dragon formulae. Fortunate and Unfortunate Structures, Annual and Monthly Stars, Special Charts, Holy 1 and Holy O, Secondary Wealth Corner, Replacement Charts and Castle Gate Secrets and when to use them. Flying Star Course on CD ROM
Feng Shui Workshop 9 Four Pillars of Destiny Four Pillars of Destiny fate calculations. This incredible system explained. How to work out what fate has in store for you and your clients. Building the chart and interpretation. Ten Applications. The Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillars and their relevance. Opening the Luck Pillars. Timeliness, Hidden Stems and what they mean. Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch clashes, combinations and trines.
Feng Shui Workshop 10 Advanced 4 Pillars of Destiny

Advanced 4 Pillars of Destiny - The hidden secrets. House of Life, House of Conception, Special Charts and Transformations. Health applications. Melodic Five Elements.
Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Course on CD ROM

Feng Shui Workshop 11 Advanced Luo Pan Advanced Luo Pan (outer rings). Advanced Four Pillars continued. Void Branches, Beautiful Red Peach Blossoms, 28 Lunar Mansions. Choosing auspicious dates and Tong Shu Chinese Almanac. Performing a professional consultation.
Feng Shui Workshop 12
Commercial Feng Shui
Open forum, Commercial Feng Shui. How to create your own practice. Presentation of certificates

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