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Accredited Feng Shui Professional Classes

Prefer to learn Accredited Feng Shui and Chinese astrology in a class setting?

Attend fully interative Feng Shui classes via Zoom, and experience professional Feng Shui and Chinese astrology analysis wherever you are in the world. Enjoy live 2-way interaction with your expert tutor and a shared learning experience with your fellow students. For more details, please visit the Feng Shui School of Excellence.

One Day Feng Shui Foundation Class
Learn essential knowledge and skills in order to progress to more advanced levels of Feng Shui.
Intensive Fast Track Classes
Designed for absolute beginners and practicing consultants alike, intensive fast-track courses guide you through the key elements of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in a short time frame.
Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training Courses
Whether you wish to Feng Shui your home, discover a new hobby, forge a new exciting career path, or learn more as part of your professional development, the Professional Feng Shui Mastery Consultant course guides you through every aspect of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

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