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The Feng Shui compass or Luo Pan is an essential tool in the practice of traditional Chinese, or classical, Feng Shui. Read our Guide to the Feng Shui Compass.

English or Chinese Feng Shui Compass?

A professional Luo Pan is typically written in Chinese, not just because Feng Shui originated in China, but more importantly, because the many Chinese characters on a traditional Luo Pan contain hidden information and formulas that cannot be shown or explained using English words. Quite simply, translating the information on a traditional Luo Pan into English would make the Luo Pan impossibly large and unmanageable. Essentially, to get professional Feng Shui results, all the information shown on a traditional Luo Pan should be taken into account. The Feng Shui Institute offers training courses in the application and use of the Chinese compass through our Feng Shui Accredited Schools or via Distance Learning Courses.

Types of Professional Luo Pan

Our Luo Pans are manufactured to the highest professional standard and used by the most renowned Feng Shui Masters in the world. There are three types of Luo Pan. The two main types are the San He or "triple combination" which is used at an elementary level, and the San Yuan or "three eras", an advanced level. There is also a combined Luo Pan called a Zhong He. To compliment your Luo Pan, we also offer a range of accessories.

Professional San Yuan and San He Luo Pans
professional luo pan feng shui compass

San Yuan and San He Luo Pan compasses range from 58mm to 364mm, with prices starting at £120. We recommend that FSI Feng Shui Mastery Students purchase a 260mm San Yuan Advanced Luo Pan (Quote Reference FSI203*) as its use is taught within the Distance Learning courses. Prices shown in GB£. Current exchange rates at

Size (mm) 364 260 218 188 158 128 103 85 58
GB£ 550 500 300 250 230 200 175 145 120
San Yuan FSI103 FSI203* FSI303 FSI403 SI503 FSI603 FSI703 FSI803 FSI903
San He FSI102 FSI202 FSI302 FSI402 FSI502 FSI602 FSI702 FSI802 FSI902
Professional Zhong He Luo Pan
professional luo pan feng shui compass

Zhong He Luo Pan compasses range from 85mm to 364mm. Prices start at £200 and shown in GB£. Current exchange rates at

Size (mm) 364 260 218 188 158 128 103 85
GB£ 575 450 350 300 275 250 225 200
Reference FSI101 FSI201 FSI301 FSI401 FSI501 FSI601 FSI701 FSI801
Luo Pan with Viewer Enhancer

The LVE is the top of the range Luo Pan. Supplied with an optical device for surveying the site, it is the world's first "see through the lens" Luo Pan, and the most accurate Luo Pan for positioning water courses, entrances and all other cures and enhancements. Comparing the LVE with other positioning systems such as GPS, publicly available GPS is accurate only to within 2 meters (the military version can pinpoint a position to within 1m). However, the LVE is accurate to within 15cm and an essential tool in professional Feng Shui practice.

Luo Pan Tripod

The Luo Pan Tripod is particularly useful when gaining a compass bearing outdoors, as it holds your Luo Pan steady and can be used on even the most bumpy and uneven ground, ensuring that the reading you receive from your Luo Pan is accurate. It offers protection from geopathic stress, so there is less interference and vibration to the needle. Once correctly aligned, it can also be used to gain multiple observations and readings from one position, without the need to move your Luo Pan.

The Ultimate Platinum Tipped Dowsing Rods

Precision made platinum tipped dowsing rods. Dowsing rods, also known as Divining Rods, have a wide range of uses, such as locating water and earth energies. Instructions on their use is covered in the Feng Shui Mastery Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Distance Learning course. These ultimate dowsing rods are tipped with platinum and can used for finding buried treasure.

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