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Luo Pan Chinese Compass

Luo Pan compassLuo Pan compasses range from 4 inches corresponding to the Four Seasons, 8 inches based on the Ba Gua and 12 inches for the Twelve Earthly Branches or animals of the Chinese zodiac. Some rings are paired and cannot not be used alone, and some carry important messages associated with timing.

Although looking extremely complex, in understanding the Five Elements we can quickly determine the auspiciousness of a direction through the use of the Twenty Four Mountains. Although most rings use the 5 Elements, some are based on the Twelve Palaces and show the strength of an element in a particular direction.

Types of Professional Luo Pan

Our Luo Pans are manufactured to the highest standard and are used by the most famous Feng Shui Masters in the world today. There are two main types of Luo Pan, namely the San He meaning triple combination, which is used at an elementary level and the advanced level of Luo Pan, the San Yuan, meaning three eras. There is also a combined Luo pan called a Zhong He. The smaller the Luo pan, the fewer rings it will have and therefore the easier it will be to use.

The Feng Shui Institute also offers training in the application and use of the Chinese compass through one of our feng shui accredited schools or via our online feng shui courses.

luo pan compass rings
0 Heaven Pool
1 Registration Mark
2 Pre Heaven Trigrams
3 Late Heaven Trigrams
4 24 Mountains
5 Menace & persecution ring
6 Correct needle San Yuan earth plate
7 Auspicious direction in 9 periods
8 San Yuan water dragon gates 8 boundaries
9 Houng Fun wu xing or big wu xing
10 Pre Heaven Luo Shu & qua of square chart
11 64 Gua & positions
12 Pre Heaven 64 Gua & Luo Shu of round chart
13 Hexagram names
14 The 64 hexagrams 9 fate star
15 64 hexagrams & 60 Jia Zi
16 Pre Heaven 64 Gua round charts Luo Shu
17 Father, mother and three Yuan hexagrams
18 Directional hexagrams
19 Running of 384 hexagram lines
20 Sun arrive to mountain and face
21 24 Seasons
22 Qi Men Dun Jia
23 Lunar Mansion degrees
24 Auspicious/Inauspicious positions
25 28 Lunar Mansions
26 360 degrees

We recommend that FSI feng shui mastery students purchase a 260mm San Yuan FSI203 (shown below) as this is the Luo Pan discussed within the course.

san yuan luo pan
San Yuan 364mm 260mm 218mm 188mm 158mm 128mm 103mm 85mm 58mm
£500 £400 £300 £250 £230 £200 £175 £145 £120
FSI103 FSI203 FSI303 FSI403 SI503 FSI603 FSI703 FSI803 FSI903
san he luo pan
San He 364mm 260mm 218mm 188mm 158mm 128mm 103mm 85mm 58mm
£500 £400 £300 £250 £230 £200 £175 £145 £120
FSI102 FSI202 FSI302 FSI402 FSI502 FSI602 FSI702 FSI802 FSI902
zhong he luo pan
Zhong He 364mm 260mm 218mm 188mm 158mm 128mm 103mm 85mm Hanging talisman
£575 £450 £350 £300 £275 £250 £225 £200
FSI101 FSI201 FSI301 FSI401 FSI501 FSI601 FSI701 FSI801 £120.00
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To compliment your Luo Pan, we also offer a range of accessories.

Luo pan with Viewer Enhancer (LVE)
luopan viewer

The LVE is our top of the range Luo Pan. Supplied with an optical device for surveying the site, it is the world's first "see through the lens" Luo Pan. It is also the world's most accurate Luo Pan for positioning water courses, entrances and all other cures and enhancements.

Compare the LVE with other positioning systems such as GPS; a satellite based system that uses software to find positions on earth. Publicly available GPS is accurate only to within 2 meters (the military version can pinpoint a position to within 1 meter). However, the LVE is accurate to within 15cm and therefore an essential tool in professional Feng Shui practice. See configuration

San He code FSILVE2 or San Yuan code FSILVE3 £625 each.

Which type?
Luo Pan Tripod
luo pan tripod

The Luo Pan Tripod can be used on even the most bumpy ground, ensuring you receive an accurate reading from your Luo Pan. It also offers protection from geopathic stress interference so there is less vibration in the needle. It can also be used to gain multiple observations from one position.

Cost £199.00 Code FSITRI

Product code?
The Ultimate Platinum Tipped Dowsing Rods
dowsing rods

Precision made platinum tipped dowsing rods used for finding buried treasure.

Cost £899