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Chinese astrology courseFlying star feng shui accredited course majors on interpretation, the most difficult aspect of this discipline. With animated presentations and step by step guides to analysis, the Flying Star Feng Shui course contains over 36,000 words, video tutorials and is illustrated in colour throughout.

Beginning with how and why this method of feng shui works, we look at its history and essential developments. We then teach in depth how to get excellent results from your feng shui consultation.

Within a few chapters you will have learned how to easily and accurately compile flying star charts. We then concentrate on interpretation. As well as including countless case studies, we also teach advanced techniques which enable you to deal with any situation that you may encounter.

Flying star course Page 1Perhaps, the most important feature in this course is the Property Development chapter in which we have supplied flying star consultation reports for every new home built 2004 to 2024!.

The Accredited Flying Star Feng Shui course is an Advanced course in the Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery programme. There are very few professional feng shui consultants practicing today that have the knowledge contained in this course, and if you are aspiring to be the best feng shui consultant you can be, this course will benefit you greatly. See the table of contents below. We proudly state that this is the most comprehensive and clearest course on Flying Star Feng Shui ever written.

Step Six - Flying star feng shui accredited course - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The basics

Flying star course pageTime and Space Feng Shui
The essence of Feng Shui
Heaven, Earth and Man application
Xuan Kong Fei Xing –Time and Space Flying Star
A Brief History of Flying Stars Feng Shui
The San Yuan School or Three Eras
Compiling the Earth Base
The Nine Yun Cycle
The Luo Shu Progression

Chapter 2 Flying the Stars

Flying star course pageTaking a reading
24 mountains
The rule of 5
How to fly the stars
Flying the water star
Flying the mountain star


Chapter 3 The Nine Stars and timeliness

Flying star course pageThe Timely Nine Stars
What is timely now?
Usable stars
The Secret Of Feng Shui Success!
The Nine Palaces
Pre and late heaven Ba Gua
The He Tu (River Chart)
He Tu Combinations
Triggering the He Tu combinations
Interpretation stage 1 - chart summary and preliminary analysis
Chart analysis
Case Study

Chapter 4 Annual / monthly stars

Flying star course pageYear and Month Star
Calculating the annual star
Working example
Interpretation stage 2 analysis


Chapter 5 Star combinations

Flying star course pageHow the combinations are formed
81 Star Combinations
Traditional cures
Glass jar
Sonic waves
Wind chimes
Auspicious charts
The Three Combinations
The Ten Combinations
Case study - healthy house
San ban gua
Case study with time stars
The best feng shui house to choose.

Chapter 6 Home vibrancy

Flying star course pageThe sands of time
Calculating timeliness of the earth base?
Property development and finding the right location
Shang shen ling shen
Secondary Wealth Corner
Buying a new home
Fly before you buy!

Period eight interpretations


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Chapter 7 Personal flying stars and advanced interpretations

Flying star course pagePie or square?
The central square
Personal interpretation
Ming Gua
Personalised case study
The perfect home or office environment
Imprisoned Noble Star
Fu Yin and Fan Yin

Chapter 8 Advanced techniques

Flying star course pageCastle Gate Theory
Clearing feng shui clutter and confusion
Fixtures and fittings
Choosing the facing in an apartment block
Replacement Stars
When To Use Replacement Stars
Case study

The most comprehensive Flying star feng shui course on the internet

I Ching CD CoverThe Flying Star Feng Shui course is a beautifully illustrated PDF file, containing well over 26,000 words and includes video tutorials. Available as an immdediate download, we guarantee that you will not find a better course on the subject!

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