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Chinese astrology famous horoscope readings of the century - Larry Page

Chinese astrology Larry Page Chinese astrology horoscopes for Google co – founders Larry Page and Sergey BRIN shows very good compatibility and, although their hour of birth is not known, there appears to be a lifelong bond. Understanding these characteristics in our own Chinese horoscopes could also help us find our ideal team mate or business partner. We will look at these group dynamics after laying out the basic horoscopes, beginning with Larry Page.

Chinese astrology horoscope feature Yin Metal element denotes THE Scientist

Chinese astrology horoscopeChinese horoscope of Lawrence "Larry" Page born March 26, 1973 hour unknown (If you can help with this birth hour please email the information together with the source and we will add this to our horoscope reading). His horoscope shows that he was born on a Yin Metal Rooster Day in the month pillar of Yin Wood Rabbit .

Being born in spring means that the metal element that represents fine detail, analysis and precision and therefore sciences, is most untimely and the earth element is desperately needed to develop these traits. Luckily, this earth element is found in his year pillar as the Chinese animal sign of Water Ox, but being void in his horoscope it does not function properly. However, the Ox in this position represents a source of prosperity which can be accessed by serving society. It is worth mentioning that the strongest energy in this horoscope, namely wood, actually signifies his wealth.

Although he has an abundance of wealth in his Chinese horoscope signified by the Rabbit, it causes a major clash with the Rooster of his day pillar and ideally needs fire and earth elements to balance. That said, if he was born between 9 – 11am he would have the Chinese animal sign of Snake in his hour pillar and this would combine with the other zodiac signs of Ox and Rooster to form such a strong base that the water element could balance instead.

Now as water represents communications and is found in the year pillar meaning that society would know him for this, it seems to makes sense that we should adopt this hypothesis. Further, the heavenly stem for the Snake hour on his birth day would also have been Yin water suggesting that he serves with another in communicating for society – namely Sergey Brin.

This would mean that instead of causing problems, the clash between his day and month pillars signifies transformation. As the horoscope revolves around the day pillar it would affect the month pillar more which represents families and businesses and this seems to strengthen our theory. So, not only has Google transformed the way families and businesses communicate with each other, there can be little doubt that they have transformed their own industry.

"The best advice I ever got"

Due to his untimely Yin Metal Day Stem, Larry’s favourite element would be earth even without the hypothesis that has just been formed. He would have made an ideal “follow type” of Chinese horoscope and had an even more extraordinary life but for his Rooster animal sign in his day branch, which gives him his strong independence and communication abilities.

When earth appears in his horoscope time cycles or in certain time periods such as year or month good things happen in his life. He met his business partner Sergey in one such period namely March 1995 a Yin Earth Rabbit month, when as part of a PHD intake into Stamford University was shown around campus by him. Sergey Brin is an earth person, so it is no wonder that they got on well together. He got there by following support from his supervisor Terry Winograd whom he later referred to as "the best advice I ever got". Terry was also an earth person.

The following year the original version of Google was launched on the University web site and is apparently still there to this day. In the earth year of 1998 the pair formed Google Inc, which they ran until 2001 when they appointed Eric Schmidt as Chairman and CEO, who guess what? Is also an earth person. As it must have been a joint appointment that must mean that the earth element is good for Sergey, let’s find out here

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