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Chinese astrology famous horoscope readings of the century - Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Chinese astrology of Tony BlairChinese astrology horoscopeChinese astrology horoscope chart at number three in this series is that of ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was born under a Yin Fire Snake of his month pillar being the same as his day pillar shows that he is a team player. His partnerships have been legendary, firstly with Gordon Brown former UK Prime Minister, and then with George W. Bush former American President.

These friendly parallels are timely and therefore strong and healthy. The major root in his day, month and year pillars means that his life values are his marriage, family and society. However, these roots are actually Unfriendly , and as Tony has a strong day stem this aspect has a tendency for colleagues; or those he has a close alliance with, to take the credit for his work. Consequently, he is known for his many close alliances.

Chinese astrology Everything changes

Chinese astrology of Tony Blair

The Yin Water Snake in his year pillar is called Unbecoming Power and can bring spectacular achievement. However, in this Chinese astrology chart s it has no root and is useless. That said, it was the secret of his success, as when this stem became activated by an exterior root (same element) in the earthly branch of his luck pillars he had phenomenal results. This lead to him becoming the most successful UK Prime Minister in history with 3 terms in office.

Chinese astrology is useful for understanding the effects of time on these horoscopes, and even when attributes appear lost or useless we are reminded that this will not always be the case.

Major clashes bring change in Chinese astrology

On the downside when activated this stem caused a major clash with his day stem and although this brought more power, he was often criticised for his policy decisions. This also created a lot of pressure on him, but the balancing element represented by the Yin Wood Rabbit in his hour pillar, helped to overcome this affect. Although balancing, this type of resource means being told what you want to hear rather than what you should know. It probably related to the controversial advice he received from his “spin doctors”.

Faith and the future

Tony Blair entered into a 10 year luck pillar in 2003 of Yin Metal Pig which proved to be the most trying time of his life. This is due to the major clashes between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig and the Snakes in his chart and brought major changes to his marriage, business and home environment.

As mentioned in previous Chinese horoscopes in this series when clashes occur their elements become more vibrant. Energetic fire could be considered as religion and in 2007 it was reported that Tony had converted to Catholicism.

It is not all bad news during this period though as it is excellent for making what Chinese astrology considered as “easy money”. This is wealth that you do not have to work too hard for, and tours of the lecture circuit and his published memoirs fall under this category?

This easiness will be reversed in his new luck pillar of Yang Metal Dog starting in 2013. Further the earth element of the Dog could mean that he produces extraordinary results through great achievement and although he was recently stepped over as EEC President as indicated by clashes in his chart, we would think he will get this post sometime during 2013 – 2022.

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