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Chinese astrology famous horoscope readings of the century - John Craig Venter

Chinese astrology readingChinese astrology horoscope for John Craig Venter (born October 14, 1946) an American biologist listed in Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world list.

Chinese astrology chartAlthough his hour of birth is unknown there is enough information in this Chinese astrology chart to clearly identify the mark of the scientist. It is in the form of Yin Metal Rooster in the day pillar that indicates an acutely analytical mind. When we add the same metal element in the form of the Rooster branch at line 2, we get an extremely independent person that loves minute details. This is also indicates in his month pillar of Earth Dog and the year of Fire Dog indicates that he benefits society. Small wonder then that he is pioneering the mapping of the human genome at his J. Craig Venter Institute and together with geneticist and physician Francis Collins is fast tracking vital medical research in the process.

This work began in 2000, some three years ahead of schedule when easy wealth opportunities together with noble creativity appeared in his 10 year horoscope of Yin Water Rabbit.

Chinese astrology horoscopeThis Rabbit branch combined with the Dog in the month and Year bringing more fire to his year stem and gained fame and recognition for his business and contribution to society. No wonder he was listed as one of the most influential people of the century so far.

Chinese astrology note, a controlling fire element in a year pillar tells us that the person will be well known in society and this can be seen at any age, even at birth. Making contributions to society can be seen in Chinese astrology when the Yearly Heavenly stem (line 1) supports the Earthly branch (line 2) or vice versa.

His next Chinese astrology horoscope was that of Yang Wood Dragon signifying wealth and support for the ensuing 10 year period. On the positive side the Yang Wood denotes a pioneer and new beginnings both of which herald an outstanding conclusion to the project. On the downside the Dragon actually clashes with his Dogs and brings changes to his business and local environment, it also combines with his Rooster and brings a much needed element of water which helps him to deal with pressure. This could be some new advice or philosophy or on a practical level new ways of communication.

qi flowHis qi flow as far as we can see without knowing his birth hour, is enviable as the roots in the year pillar support the trunk of the month pillar which in turn strengthens the stem of the day.

In other words from an energy perspective he has fire generating earth, which in turn generates his metal and although this has the effect of him always being in the right place at the right time, it does bring a considerable amount of pressure and he may suffer headaches or migraines as a result. Due to this his favourite element is water and he needs to add this to his office and home environment to greatly reduce any stress. Being by or in water is also useful as is a diet containing fish and shellfish.

From a physics perspective adding water to a space is always interesting as air dissolves in water releasing energy into a locality. The opposite transition occurs when water evaporates and this also releases energy. People absorb this energy which can either significantly improve or hinder output and quality of life depending on whether the energy is peaking or decaying.

It is the province of feng shui to discern the quality of this energy and to advise on the position of water features during a feng shui consultation. Of course by using Chinese astrology the feng shui consultant can create a unique nurturing environment that totally enhances and suits the person’s energy.

In this case we would site the water feature in the most vibrant area of his office determined by the age and facing direction of his building, then allow the air to circulate through the entire structure. This is usually attained by the positioning of furniture or a slight adjustment to temperature controls resulting in a subtle energised atmosphere.

Incorporating water shapes which are flowing in nature and adding colours of black and dark blue would add to this effect.

As we are dealing with a partnership let us look at Francis Collins Chinese astrology chart and assess the compatibility of their working relationship.

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